Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joey's Going To Be a Big Sister!!!

Yippppeeeeeee! Today we found out that Joey is going to be a big sister! My allergies have been really bad lately, and I remember them being bad when I found out I was preggo with Joey. I got curious and took a pregnancy test. Well actually I took the test twice just like I did with Joey, and both came out positive!! I have my first appointment on Tuesday with Miss Carolyn. She is the person who coordinates all the births at Craig Ranch OBGYN. She rocks and we had her last time too! I can't wait to see her and get the scoop on Stout Seed #2!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Size 4

So Joey's feet have been growing and now she is officially a size 4! (Well a 3.5 according to the lady at Payless :) Anywho, we just dug out some fun shoes from the mall of Mily and had to take 'em for a spin! Here is an account of our walk the other night when it stopped raining for a short time :)

Here we go!

Of course we had to pick up the gross newspaper and inspect it!

I like to believe Joey is marching in this one, but alas, she is just hightailing it toward mama, and this was the result!

Wow, that was quick!

Easily distracted! C'mon Joey!

Oh look, a puddle...the only puddle on our whole walk...might as well step in it!

This particular battle went on for a few minutes. This is the entrance to our community pool. Joey loves the pool and knows this is how we get in. She stood at the door for a few minutes and even threw herself on the ground in protest. I just laughed and picked her up...she was fine!

The rest of the trip has no pictures because I was holding Joey....she was tired! All in all a good trial run on her 1st size 4 shoes!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long Time No Write....

So things have been pretty uneventful at the Stout house! I guess that can be a good thing right? As far as Joey goes, she keeps getting bigger, smarter and more stubborn :) We are working on sharing our toys and being nice to friends. She does a great job 99% of the time , but we have room for improvement! We had Joey's friends Madison and Hannah over the other day to play for a little while, and this is what the living room looked like 10 minutes after the girls arrived :)

Joey and Madison had fun feeding their babies in the highchair! I gave them each a bowl and spoon and some baby bottles to get the job done. Joey got frustrated during this process...she kept saying "baby", so I would get her baby out of the highchair and give it to her. I guess that's not what she was implying when she was saying "baby" over and over again because she just started crying! I finally figured out that she wanted to sit in the high chair. Obviously she is too big, but I let her try it, and she was fine after that! At one point during the play time, Joey was trying to nudge Madison away from the front of the high chair, and Madison, who is only 3, looked at Joey and said "It's ok Joey, we are sharing!". She's so stinkin cute, and smart! Go Madison! Tonight Joey gets to spend the night at her Aunt Vicky's house! I remember staying at my Aunt Patti's house growing up, and we had a blast! I know Joey is little, but this is just the first of many Aunt Vicky sleepovers! They are gonna have so much fun :) Have a good weekend everyone!