Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well Surprise Surprise!

So today I had my first doctor appointment for Stout Seed #2! I thought it was gonna be the standard pee in a cup, question and answer session then the dreaded pelvic exam. Well, to our surprise, we got to see our little Raspberry! We had a sonogram and got to see the heartbeat of our new baby! Based on the measurements of the baby, he/she is due June 11th. Since I had some complications with Joey (i.e. 17 hours of labor, getting to a 7cm, then regressing, then ending up having her c-section), they said we will just schedule another c-section for Stout Seed #2. So mark your calendars folks....unless he/she comes on his/her own earlier, the scheduled date is June 2nd! We are so excited, and I'm glad Johnny got to come to the appointment since we weren't expecting to have a sono today!

Weird fact: My Great Grandmother was born in April, and her sister was born in June. My grandmother was born in June. My Uncle was born in April, and my Mom was born in June. I was born in April, and my sister was born in June. Joey was born in April, and Stout Seed #2 is due in June! This is CRAZY...all the women in my family on my mom's side have only had babies in April and June...That being said, Stout Seed #2 needs to stay in my belly till my scheduled c-section date!!!! The tradition must live on!

That's the news! I will post a pic soon! I have to scan it in!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is this really about a dunking booth??

So Johnny has to sit in a dunking booth at his school carnival on Friday. He has done this in the past and doesn't like it because his back always gets torn up. So today at the school staff meeting a few of the female staffers got up in front of the room and it was announced that these particular women wouldn't be able to do the dunking booth, and they also won't be able to drink alcohol at the Christmas party either. They started going over their due dates...they are all preggo!!!!

So Johnny said "Our due date is June 2nd, so do I get out of doing the dunking booth too?"

That's right folks, Johnny and I are expecting number 2!!!! I've had my first appointment and they went over our insurance, and drew blood to test for....well, I'm not sure, but they took a couple viles! We go to the doc on Tuesday for more news, and weren't going to tell anyone till then, but since Johnny let the cat out of the bag, I get to tell the world!!!

By the way, Johnny did not get out of the dunking booth :(

I have also been writing some secret blogs since this journey started. Click on the Stout Seed #2 Label on the right of the blog for those little tidbits!!! Yay!

Pumpkin Painting

So at work we have a pumpkin decorating contest. I could not for the life of me think of what to do, so I bought some paint and let Joey go to town! It was a fun night for the family....here are some pics of our first art project as a family!

Johnny was trying to keep Jo from mixing paint colors :) It was a lost cause!!

Joey painted more than the pumpkin :)

Go Joey go!!!

As you can see, she also painted the garage floor!

Love that little painted arm :)

Yay, hands :)

Wash all the brushes Joey!!

Hi Brayden! He wanted to see what was going on in our garage!

We had so much fun and I can't wait to dive into more painting with Jo Jo!!!

Puddle Jumping

So if you live near Dallas, you know it's rained a whole lot recently! The other day we had a small ray of sunshine peak out, so we headed outdoors!!! Joey promptly kicked her new soccer ball into the only puddle by our house, and ran in after it! Here are a few of the pics!

How fun is it to be 1 and a half?? Such a fun day!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Howdy Folks, Welcome to the State Fair of Texas!

You guessed it, last Saturday we loaded up the stroller, got on the DART rail and headed to the Fair! If you don't live in Texas or have never been to the State Fair of Texas, there is a lot to eat! This year's gimmick was fried butter....even Oprah tried it :) The fair is always the home of the Red River Shootout (stay away on that day), an of course there are plenty of scary rides, carnies, and lines!!! Here are a few pics from our day!

Here's Jo and I on the DART Rail. She thought it was fun, but didn't want to sit still at all much to mommy's delight :( PS, the train was PACKED!!!!

Here he is, THE MAN!!! Big Tex :) We met Mom, Bigman, Vicky and Ricky under his left armpit :) This is a cute family portrait!!! You should sketch this one Bigman :)

Here's the Stout clan! We were having a great time already. Not sure if this is before or after the Fletcher's Corn Dog??

Here we are in Big Tex's sandbox. Joey probably could've scooped sand and plopped it into that bucket for hours, but the time limit was 10 minutes, so we left after one fill! Tonya is on the left. We met her on the way to the fair on the Green Line :) I love you Tonya!!! Thanks for hanging out with us all day!!!

We also went to the petting zoo. The only petting zoo I remember is the one at the Houston Rodeo, and you actually get to go into the pin with the animals. This one was crowded and you just fed the animals through these white fences :( It was still fun, and Joey had a blast!! That's her cup of feed that she dumped out entirely at the cow station I believe :)

I was bad about taking pics for the rest of the day, but the day included
  • seeing a 1000 + lb piggy
  • learning about the spirit of the horse
  • checking out the car show
  • walking
  • eating funnel cake, french fries, corn dogs, dibs, nachos, turkey legs, and I'm sure more :)
  • being cold
  • walking some more
  • and goats
All in all, a fun trip!

So Sleepy!

I don't remember being this tired when I was preggo with Joey, but Johnny assured me that it was even worse! The other night Johnny got home and I just rolled over and fell asleep. Before I woke up 2 hours later, he had fed Joey and was 1/2 way through a Wal Mart trip without me! I sure did get up get a water, and head straight to our bed to watch some TV and go back to sleep! I'm also getting a bit of nauciousness with this seed. Not sure what that's all about...my hunch is it's a boy, and that explains the difference?!? Only time will tell!

To people who are reading this for the first time, it has been really hard not to tell you we are having another baby! I really want to shout it to the world, but we are waiting to see the heartbeat before we let anyone know! I'm so stoked to tell ya'll!!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jo's 1st Gymnastics Class

So Joey had her first gymnastics class with Daddy on Saturday! She totally looked the part in her cute little leotard! She liked the class and didn't scream the whole time which is always a good sign! I used to teach this class at our gym and at the other gym I worked at, so it was fun to watch for a change!

Here is Joey stretching....

She loved when Daddy would rock her back!

Here she is on the trampoline. If you are wondering what all the white dots are in these pics, it is chalk that flies around in the air of the gym all the time! This may be why my allergies are going crazy! Anywho....she loved the trampoline! She doesn't know how to jump yet, but we are working on it!

Here she is on the bar. She had a hard time holding on to the bar, but Daddy was able to help out, and she liked it!

Towards the end Jo was getting a bit distracted...not quite sure what she was SUPPOSED to be doing here :)

All together it was a fun class, and Joey had a great nap after! We can't wait to see how this upcoming week goes!

Friday Night for the Stouts :)

This past Friday we wanted to get Joey a soccer ball, so we decided to head over to Dick's sporting goods in Allen. There is a cool park right by the store that has a child size train station, fire station, bank, and gas station. It was pretty cold, so we didn't stay long, but here are some pics!

Here's Joey waiting on the train :)

This is Joey looking out the bank window....

and here she is at the ATM...I wonder how much money she's got :)

Don't forget to get some gas! It's cheap at the park :)

There is also a hedge maze at this park. Johnny would hide and pop out when Joey came around the corner. She thought that was great! Here she's saying "Daddy????"

We did get Joey's soccer ball after the fun was over. She has loved being outside and all we have is a basketball, so we thought she would love this! We got her an Adidas ball with Pink on it....that's right folks, I said PINK!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ist Appointment for Numero Dos!

So today was my first visit to the doc for Stout Seed #2! This is the appointment where you go in, get weighed, pee on a stick, they tell you "yes, you are preggo", you get your blood pressure taken, then you give blood to the lab for testing. Sounds like a blast right? This is why Johnny sat this one out! It's more of a formality than anything.

They also tell you how much your baby will cost based on what your insurance will pay. Talk about sticker shock :) I know it's worth every penny though :)

Anywho, my official due date is June 9th (my mom's bday), but she already scheduled me for a c-section on the 2nd of June! Funny story. All the babies in our family are April and June babies! My grandmother is April, my Uncle is April and my mom is June, I'm in April, and my sister is in June, Joey is in April and Stout Seed #2 will be in June! CRAZYYYYYYYY!!!

My next appointment is October 27th. From there they will set up a sonogram, and once we see the heart beating, we will be able to release all these posts and tell everyone we are PREGGO!! Can't wait! I will also start belly pics once we see the heart beat :) I know everyone is stoked!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Toys and a New Room...Oh My!!

So after bath time, we always throw a diaper on Jojo and let her play a bit! Tonight was extra special because we brought up some new toys that were given to Joey from some friends at the gym! This is a Beauty Shop, and it is so much fun! Joey let me play with her hair and even put rollers in it :) Here's some pics of the fun!

Answer the phone Joey :)

Who is it??

So cute!

Once we were done playing with our hair, we went onto the nails :) This is super fun too!! There are 4 colors, a nail file and buffer! We had a great time!!

Trying to figure it out....

I got it! The paint goes on my toes like Aunt Becky told me!!!

Now put the brush back in!

Here are some pics of Jo's new room! It is no way near done, but this is a good start! We are planning on getting her new bedding that is more kid fun! We found a cute set, that I know everyone will love!! We will be ordering it next week!

Here is her toy trunk and her beauty parlor from above.

This is the view from the beauty parlor corner.

We are planning on getting her a chest of drawers, finding another place for the desk that's in the corner, and I'm thinking about some fun artwork a la Zip! The creative juices are flowin...let's see what happens! We are planning on moving Jo in over Christmas break when daddy is home to monitor naps and such! That's it for now!!!

Mily's Bday Party :)

So this Sunday we went to our niece Mily's bday party! Joey had a great time as you can tell from the pics below!

Here's Joey and daddy climbing the rock wall! PS, I just LOVE this picture!!!

Here's she is in the Foam Pit! She didn't want to get out, but mommy wanted to go to the trampoline!

Here we go! Jump, jump, jump!!

Uh Oh! She fell a lot! The good thing is that she got back up and kept going! That's our girl!

This Saturday Joey and Daddy are starting a class together at Eagle's Wings! This is the gym I work at and Uncle Bret owns! Here we are practicing the balance beam :) I can't wait to see her in an actual class and believe me, I will take tons of pics!!

Now let's practice with mommy :)