Saturday, April 30, 2011

He is Risen!!!

Easter has come and gone and it was as good as it could be!  We started our day at church worshiping our Lord with amazing music, a drama, and phenomenal sermon! Once we got home, we discovered that the Easter Bunny had visited our house!  Can you spot all the eggs???

 Joey's Basket on the left and Sammy's on the right :]

Joey loves Barbie these days so she got a little one in her basket :]

Sammy's getting so big!  Doesn't she look pretty in her dress??

 This is Joey's "cheese" face these's really hard to get her to smile "normal".  She's still so cute though :]

 Time to hunt for the eggs {if you are wondering why we are hunting inside, it's because we live in a town home without a yard so the Easter Bunny hid our eggs inside!

 When Joey found them all, she wanted to hide them and find them again!!

 Next it was off to Mily's to get some Easter grub and play with cousins...pretty sure this picture was before the Joey meltdown of Easter 2011!

After the dinner was had, the kids went out front to play in the sprinkler!!

 Our niece Mily loves the water!!!

Time for bubbles!!! {I just love that ruffle butt!!!}

Bike time!!!

 And we ended the day with some kisses from Grandma!

The Lord blessed us with great weather on Easter, and great time with family!  We are so grateful for our Risen Lord and know that we should recognize the sacrifice he made for us daily!  If you don't know the true meaning of Easter, please ask me, and I'll let you in on the good news!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Worship Wednesday - Marvelous Light

Sin has lost it's power, and death has lost it's sting. and from the grave you've risen victoriously!  Considering Easter was this past Sunday, this song is perfection!  enjoy.......

{facebookers will need to click on the original post to see video}

Holy Cow, we have a 3 Year Old!!

That's right folks, John and Christy Stout are the proud owners of a 3 year old!  She walks, she talks, she's potty trained, and more!  We are so proud of our little girl and who she is becoming.  Joey is in school these days and comes home with lots of fun information.  She loves to tell us all about her bestie Cooper and she loves to sing the songs that they are learning at the moment!  The other day she came home singing about how Jesus rose from the dead and is alive forever more!!!  I love that :]  

Anywho, it wouldn't be right to have a birthday pass without a birthday post, so here goes....

The day starting with a birthday breakfast with cousin Mily!  The girls were both in their leotards ready for gymnastics class!!

 We got Joey a Strider Bike for her birthday!  It's awesome :] No pedals so that she can learn how to balance before adding the pedals into the mix!  Joey loves it!

The girls wanted to play a game before leaving for class......

.....then entered the Sammy monster.... the girls moved the game to the bed so the Sammy monster couldn't distruct :]

We dropped Mily off at her house and went to gymnastics.  When we got home, it was time to decorate the cupcakes.  I iced them and Joey sprinkled them :]

She would stick her entire hand in the sprinkles, sometimes eat a few, sometimes not, then she would dump them onto the cupcakes.  I would shake them off then put them in the cupcake holder :]

 All Joey wanted for her party theme was "pink and purple" and she wanted her cupcakes to be "chocolate with pink icing". Note all the sprinkles on the counter...

....and on the stool.....

....and on the floor....

.....and on the counter from another angle....

so I put Joey to work cleaning up her mess :]

 after the clean up, it was nap time, then off to the gym for Joey's party!!!

 This picture explains it all!  The party was super fun :] Go Brandon!!!

So another year is ahead of us, and our sweet girl is having moments of not so sweetness.  We pray that the Lord gives us the strength and persistence to continue raising Joey with Him in mind!  We love you Joey and we love everything about you!  We love that you can make us laugh every day, we love that you talk about Jesus, we love that you put on concerts on the landing of our stairs, we love that you are a book lover, we love that you are such a sweet sister to Sammy, we love that you love going to church, we love that you have the craziest hair, we love that you discipline yourself {true story, you will go and sit on the step if you even think you should be in trouble regardless if we make you or not}, we love that you are independent, we love that your favorite color is pink despite our best efforts :], we love the sweet little girl you are, and feel so blessed to have you in our lives!

Joey's stats for those interested...
Weight: 28lbs {21st %ile}
Height: 34.5" {34th %ile}

She did great at her 3 year old check up and kept asking for a shot.  She obviously doesn't know what a shot is :]  Anywho, Dr. Frank says she's doing great, and she even told Joey that she was quite the conversationalist!  Joey was so excited and said "thank you!!!"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs!!!

This was Joey's 1st year to dye Easter Eggs!  We went to hang out with the cousins, and the craziness ensued :]

Our charming nephew Dakotah :]

Claudia is so creative and did some really cool eggs!!

Daddy was teaching Joey how to do it...

this handsome man is our nephew Brandon who is about to turn 7!!!

Joey loved using the dipper!

Claudia is NOT camera shy :]

Not sure if you can read it, but her egg says Mily!!

Claudia, Mily, Dakotah, Brandon and Joey :]

Daddy having fun with Jo!

She was so proud that she took the egg out of the dye all by herself!  Johnny kept saying "take the picture, take the picture!" because she didn't have a great grip on it :]

Concentration is key when dying Easter Eggs!!

The finished product



Dying eggs was a lot of fun!  Joey did great and only cracked 1 egg while slamming them into the dye :] After the fun, we took Mily to our house and she and Joey had a sleepover!  It was such a fun night, and I can't wait for next year!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm cute :]  This is how I sleep these days...

This is how I stand on one foot...

....and this is how cute I look when I'm getting into mischief :]