Monday, September 26, 2011

Sammy's 15 Month Check Up

So we had Sammy's 15 month check up and this was a picture of the calm before the storm!  Sammy had to get her shots at this appointment and I guess I've never been there for them, but Johnny gave her a sucker before in anticipation of what was to come :[  

Let's back up.....We came in and got her weighed and measured 1st.....The results are in, and here we go....

Height: 28.5 inches {5th %ile}
Weight: 19lbs 2.5oz {4th %ile}
Head Circum: 18 inches {44th %ile}

After we got through the formalities, Dr Frank came in and did the exam.  She said Sammy is right on track with everything, and she was really excited to hear that Sammy has more words than she did at her last check-up, and was surprised that she didn't have any stranger danger {not in a bad way, just this age a lot of kids don't like anyone but their parents}.  

After the exam she gave Joey a sucker and Sammy got one too.  Johnny went ahead and opened them up for the girls.  We both laughed because when Joey was Sam's age, we would not have given her a sucker :]  Anyway, we were preparing for the shots.  Rosa, our nurse, is super fast and great at shots...she came in and got ready and from start to finish it took about 30 seconds.  Sammy proceeded to scream and cry from that time to the time we got home :[  So dramatic!!!  

I love you Sammy, but your sister was a way better shot getter!  She would cry for a second, you'd pick her up and it would be done!  OK, comparison over..sorry Sammer :]

By the time we had left, Sammy got shots and a sucker...Joey, who wasn't even the center of attention, walked away with a sucker, 2 stickers, lip gloss, and a care bear :]  All in all a fair trade...LOL

Sammy's next appointment is when she is 18 months...I think we get shots at that one too...please start praying now :]

Our little love bug

So there's no doubt our little Sammy is a love bug.  She hugs and kisses everything from her books to babies!  She is particularly fond of babies's some proof...

Poor Brewer didn't stand a chance once she pulled him in and stuck her tongue out at him :]  We are gonna have to watch this one as she gets older!

{Sorry for lack of posts, I've been busy reading lots of books and I'll get caught up I promise :]}

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Worship Wednesday - Who Am I?

So Johnny and I are doing a study through the book of Exodus with our church and tonight we see Moses asking God "Who am I to lead your people out of Egypt".  Moses feels inadequate to do God's see, he's flawed like the rest of us, and feels like little old Moses can't possibly do something as big as God calls him to do.  I feel that way too, even in the little things, and I find myself asking "Who am I that God would even think of using me, even think of speaking my name, even think of sending his son to die for my sins?" and the list goes on.  This song is from a band called Watermark, and since the song is from 2000, there is not a great video to be found so I am putting this cover version on...facebookers click on the original post to view the video of this simple but amazing song!

These words don't follow her version exactly, but you get the point...I hope you enjoy and are blessed knowing the who you are is who God made you to go and use that for His glory!

Over time you’ve healed so much in me
And I am living proof
That although my darkest hour had come
Your light could still shine through
And though at times it’s just enough to cast
A shadow on the wall
Well, I am grateful that you shine your light on me at all

Who am I that you would love me so gently?
Who am I that you would recognize my name?
Lord, who am I that you would speak to me so softly
Conversation with the love most high
Who am I?

Well, amazing grace how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found
Was blind, but now I see
And the more I sing that sweet old song the more I understand
That I do not comprehend this love that’s coming from your hand

Who am I that you would love me so gently?
Who am I that you would recognize my name?
Lord, who am I that you would speak to me so softly
Conversation with the love most high
Who am I?

Grace, grace, God’s grace
Grace that will pardon and cleanse within
Grace, grace, God’s grace
Grace that is greater than all our sin

Who am I that you would love me so gently?
Who am I that you would recognize my name?
Lord, who am I that you would speak to me so softly
Conversation with the love most high
Who am I?

Best Weekend Ever :]

So this weekend was so fun and relaxed...we didn't have anywhere to be, and absolutely nothing on the agenda!  It was glorious :]  I thought we'd recap the weekend via Instagram :]  If you follow me on facebook or twitter, you know that I'm an Instagram fanatic these days!  It's a great free photography ap if you are wondering what it is!  So here we go...

Friday night we had pizza picnic with the girls as usual :]  We watched this movie and it was so cute :]

I signed up for the redbox texts and got this for free!  They send a text on Thursdays for a free movie, and your rental is good until 9p the next day!  I <3 free stuff!!

Saturday morning was laaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyy!  We normally don't put the girls in our bed, but when we all woke up around 9ish, Johnny and I were still tired, so we grabbed the girls and their blocks and turned on some cartoons...

Once we got out of bed, we ate some grub and packed up the bikes and headed to the park!

Sammy's walking all over the place, and the wood chips didn't phase her one bit!

We came home and quickly changed into our swim suits and headed to the pool!  It's actually been refreshing these past few swims instead of the bath water feel from a month ago :]  

Lunch was great, nap time was had by all, and then we headed to Richardson to get our new license plates and we ended up having dinner with Nonny at Fuzzy Taco...

It was yummy for sure!  If you've never been there, it's pretty cheap and tasty!

We got home and put the girls to bed then Johnny and I played some yahtzee :]

I finally got a yahtzee and had to take a picture to capture the moment.  Johnny ended up winning 2 games to my 1 :[  We will meet again Mr. Stout, and I will BEAT YOU!!!

The next morning I got to wake up before the rest of the crew and head to church where I got to sing with some awesome peeps!

What a fun way to spend Sunday morning, singing to the King at Christ Fellowship!!  For family, here's a link to the sermon if you want to check out the tunes :] You have to click on "entire service" to get the music portion!

After church, an amazing lady suggested we have some dinner together since it had been toooooooo long!  I just love an impromptu dinner date with great friends!!  The kids played, we all ate some great food, and Sammy made out with all the baby boys :]  Seriously, she kisses everyone!  This girl's gotta learn some self control...

Here's Sammy pouncing on Brewer :]  

Monday was another great day!  We loaded the kids up and went to the park again on the bikes.  The weather here has been beautiful all weekend and I'm hoping this weather stays around!!!

For lunch we went to my sister's and bro-in-law's new house!  What a fun time with family :]  Not gonna lie.....Sammy, Johnny and I all took a nap while we were there :]  The food was yummy and the company was great!  Sammy was pooped by the end and crawled into her cousin's bouncy seat....

LOL, she's just a little too big :]

We ended the weekend with a picnic on our front lawn, and it was great!  The weather was so nice, we just had to soak it in as much as we could!  Never mind the fact that none of us could breathe Tuesday Morning due to allergies :]  It was all worth it!  What a great weekend!  Hope your's was awesome too :]