Friday, July 22, 2011

Roderick Bland Williams III

We were lucky enough to celebrate with my sister and her husband this past weekend to see our nephew get baptized!  We had a BBQ on Saturday at Vicky and Ricky's house then the actual baptism was on Sunday at their Church!  Here's some pics of all the festivities :]

{sweet boy :]}

Joey is finally warming up to Dedecek :]

Yummy food!!

Lots of fun peeps hanging out in the heat :]

Sweet Olivia and Evelyn :]

The Williams side :] Betty Jo, Ricky and Nancy

Kathryn and Vicky....BTW, K is half way done with her pregnancy, and she just looks like she ate a few tacos :]

Vicky and Dad...not sure why he's waving :]


Onto the show :]  Ricky III isn't so sure about this :]

I'm never in pictures, so here you go :]

Keeping Joey entertained on the kneelers :]

Ricky getting anointed with oil

Joey going back and forth from me to the back of the church to me again :]  She was very quiet and did not disturb anyone!

Getting sprinkled :]  He didn't even cry....I don't think?!?

Sammy was obviously having fun in her own way :]

The God Parent's lighting the candle :]

Everyone with the Deacon who did the baptism, and the 11 others :]

Thanks for letting us share in your weekend Williams family!  We love sweet Ricky and pray his life be blessed in abundance!  That's our prayer for the entire family!  Love y'all!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Step by Step...

Step by step and day by day we are getting better at walking...our goal was to have Sammy walking by the time we went to Wisconsin {this Saturday} and it's sort of a reality...check it out...

Of course she is rockin' the Adidas since she's home with daddy all summer :]

Happy Bday Hannah and Jacob!

Friday we got to celebrate 2 of our favorite kiddos bdays on Johnny's bday!  We swam, ate some yummy food, opened some awesome presents and sweated it out in the Texas heat :]  The kids had fun, and so did we...

Kelli swam and lifeguarded the multiple children :]

Jackie and Amanda made some great food!!

I got to be in the pictures for once...that's me with my back turned to the camera :]

Kelli smiling so big after popping one of Brewer's baby zits...

Despite Isaiah's squinched up face, he had a great time with his mama Carolynn :]

Jacob turned 3 july 14th...

Johnny turned 35 July 15th....

Jonathan was tired from all the festivities...

....and Hannah turned 2 July 13th! Whew, that's a lot of wonder Jonathan's tuckerd out!!!

Sammy was standing by Hannah like a dog waiting for crumbs to drop :]

presents were opened :]

....and everyone had fun!  Thanks for having us and helping us celebrate Johnny's bday too!!! Can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays to come with these families and all these wonderful children!!!

Savannah Lynne Luedke

Last Sunday we got to partake in our sweet new niece's baptism!  It was such a special day for the family, and we were proud to visit Johnny's church that he had grown up in to see Savannah Lynne get sprinkled!!  Here are some pics of the little darling on her big day....

I love the inside of this church!  I tried taking a picture of the stained glass on the sides of the sanctuary, but I just couldn't get the lighting right to show you how beautiful it really is, so this view will do :]

Pastor Pete giving Savannah a pep talk :]

Johnny and I sat on the back row and there were placed to plug in your headphones just in case you couldn't hear :]

We were all praying blessings on Savannah while Becky was praying that her sweet kids would be quiet :]  LOL

The proud parents!!!

And of course the proud Grandma and Savannah {#9}

After the service, we had a BBQ at Amy and Stewart's house.  Joey is all about presents so she set them all on the floor and asked Aunt Amy if we could open them :]

Hi Sammer, you sure look cute today!!!

Sweet hugs :]

What a fun day to see Savannah get baptized and also to get some Rudy's BBQ in my belly! Congrats to Amy and Stewart...may God rain down blessings on Miss Savannah Lynne and the entire Luedke family!!!  Love y'all!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Worship Wednesday - We Delight

This song is an oldie but a goodie!  I was reminded of it's greatness when a facebook friend posted it this past week :]  It's funny how songs can take you back to a time and place, and this one takes me back to Richardson High School riding on the bus to Disney World with my fellow cheerleaders and band friends :]  What a fun care free time! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song and Delight in Him today!

We delight in the law of your Word
We delight in the Son who was perfect from birth
We delight in the day He's returning to earth

We will bow our hearts because we are free
As we lift our hands to give you glory
Father of life and love and infinite worth
We're delivered by blood that flows from the tree
Draws near to You vessels of Your mercy
Before the invention of man, the glorious Trinity


We will lift our eyes to the cloud and the flame
Lord, You guide our steps and restore us again
The nations of man will rejoice in the God of the wilderness



Hallelujah, Oh Hallelujah

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo Shoot With Daddy? Why Not??

Johnny got ahold of the camera the other day....the girls were in a good's what went down...

.....and that's that :]