Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st Day of School

So today was Joey's 1st day of Mother's Day Out, and it went really well!  It's at our church, so she is familiar with the building and I think that helps.

It all started with our parent homework :)  We had to make a place mat for Joey using the apple cut out and green paper above...anything else was up to us!  I added these pictures and this morning I let Joey put Dora stickers in the bottom right hand corner {that's right, I'm anal and wouldn't let my child put the stickers over her sister's face like she wanted to :)  "You can only put them here" I told her while pointing to the open spot!}.  This was laminated today and they use it when they eat :)

This morning Joey would not let me do her hair in any cute way so we just went down stairs and ate some waffles before we left the house. 

After dropping Sam off at Miss Holli's house, we headed to McFBC...when we pulled up I got out to get Joey and here she is saying "We at church Mommy?  I go school now!".

Here we are walking up to school.  She wouldn't stop to let me take a picture because she was too ready to get inside, so this is the best we got!  

Each kiddo has a box outside their class where they can put their stuff.  I asked Joey where her name was and she actually found it!  Fluke?? We will see on Thursday if it was!  We put her rest mat, naked baby, and her blanket in the bin and headed to the door.

I was happy that there were no tears today {unlike meet the teacher night}....Joey gave me a kiss, walked right in and looked back at me saying "Bye Mommy, I play with my friends now".  I was glad she was happy when I left...it made it a lot easier!

So I went to work and 5 hours later turned right back around to come get Joey from school.  When I got there she was waiting at the door because a few other mommies were picking up their little ones at the same time.  I talked to her teacher who said Joey had a great day!  We got a report for the day and it said that she went potty 3 times on the big potty, ate all of her snack and most of her lunch and slept a little over an hour during rest time!  Joey even told me she had fun, and I decided to start a new tradition each year....here's her 1st annual 1st Day of School interview :) {keep in mind, she's 2, so we didn't get tons of information out of her during the interview :]}

We ended the day at Baskin Robins!  Yummo :)

Here's to an awesome year!

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Look....

So school is in the air at the Stout house...Johnny had his 1st week back at Walker Elementary, and Joey starts Mother's Day Out tomorrow!

So Johnny started school this week and from what he said, it went pretty well!  I'm sure he's gonna have a great year whipping those kiddos into shape :)  I can't wait for those kindergartners to be introduced to J Diddy the hip hop teacher extraordinaire!  I also look forward to getting texted pictures of him wearing the kids bows in his hair :)  He's such a great role model for these kids and they are lucky to have him in their lives!  Have a great year babe!

Now on to our little girl who is not so little anymore!  She starts Mother's Day Out at our church tomorrow!  We had meet the teacher last Thursday and met Miss Meggan and Miss Julie.  Joey cried when we first got to the room which is not like her at all!  Usually on Sundays she just walks right in and barely says bye to Johnny and me.  I think she freaked out because of all the parents in the room?!?  I hope that was it at least!  It's going to be no fun if all the pictures I take tomorrow are with a screaming 2 year old :)  We asked her teachers what you do with 2 year olds and they said they will be working on colors, numbers, letters, centers and more!  I know Joey is going to have a blast....did I mention that Joey is 1 of the 2 girls in her class of 10??  That's right folks, 2 girls and 8 boys!!  Can't wait to see how this year goes :)

So that's why the new look on the blog...it's all about school these days!  {If you are reading on facebook, pop on over to the real thing and check out the new scenery!!}

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Little Fish

This Summer has been so much fun!  We have gotten to swim quite a bit, and Joey is getting braver and braver!  Today I took a video of our little fish {she even calls herself a fish in the video :)}  The video is kinda dead in the middle but at the end you see her go under the water then push with her feet off the wall to get to Johnny!!  Not sure how long the pool will be open, but we will use every opportunity we can to let our fish swim :)  Enjoy!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Super Dad!!

The other day I got a text from Johnny with this picture included...

This is our living room on crack :)  Johnny is such a fun daddy and pulled out all the blankets, opened up the tunnel, and made Joey's "fort dreams" come true!  He reminds me of Bigman who used to always do fun things with us like playing hide and go seek and putting lamp shades on our heads as a means to hide :)    

Thank you Lord for putting Johnny Stout in my life, you knew he would be an amazing husband and daddy!

That's Where They Go!

Joey loves to go to church and see her friends and sing songs.  She listens and sits still during lesson time, and eats as many cookies and pretzels as they are willing to turn loose during snack time!  She gets in the car and can tell you they talked about Jesus, read the Bible and singed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  One of the reasons we go to this church is because we love that they have such a love for children and put huge emphasis on growing the kids' relationship with the Lord!

Now, what does this have to do with anything??  When we go to church, Joey gets an I.D. sticker so that she doesn't go home with the wrong person.  We stick it to her back and send her on her way!  If she hasn't learned anything in Bible Class, she has learned one thing.....

Apparently that's where they go :)  She put this on all by herself and insisted they go on her back!  What a hoot...I guess she's learning more than the words to "Jesus Love Me" :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Look Who's Talking :)

Sammy has really been talking it up real nice lately!  I tried to get it on video while Joey was preoccupied with dinner {so I thought}.  Here's what happened! 

{I haven't listened to this yet, so please excuse my voice if I'm doing the whole annoying baby talk thing}

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"I love my sister"

"I love my sister" is something that Joey says often.  I know she means it when I get to take pictures like these :)

I think these pics are so sweet and I pray for these lovely ladies daily!  I pray that they have the same great relationship that my sister and I do.  I pray that they find true friendship with each other.  I pray that they encourage and lift each other up. I pray that they hold each other to the highest standard and keep each other in check.  And most of all, I pray that they both come to know the saving power of Jesus so that they will always be together!  I love them and I can't wait to see their love for each other grow!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2 Months Old!!!

Here we are and Sam is already 2 months old!  I can hardly believe it!  She had her check up today and the doc said for a kid who got a wimpy start, Sam is really taking off!  I was at work, so Johnny took both girls to the doctor with him and they both did well. Here's a pic Johnny took of Sam's stats so I could get the inside scoop while at the gym!  Here you go....

The doc said everything is great and she's moving right along!  I asked Johnny if she was super stoked that Sam was rolling over {as a proud mother, I wanted her to freak out and maybe make an announcement over the intercom about of something like that}, and he said that she just said something like "great job......blah".  Not the fan fare I was hoping for, but she did tell him that usually they don't have to be doing that till the next appointment at 4 months which is in October, so that's good!!  To end her appointment, Sam had to get shots which Johnny said she took like a champ!  Right now she's taking a nap on the couch like me last night!!

What Sam can do at 2 months....

-Roll from tummy to back over right and left shoulder
-Bat at things with both hands
-Hold onto things with both hands
-Track objects with her eyes
-Smile :)

Maybe there's more, but I can't think of them right now :)  It's been a great 2 months, and I can't wait to see how she grows over then next few months!  We will find out at her next appointment in October!

Welcome back to EWA!

So this is my first week back to work and yesterday was a doozie :)  Apparently missing my girls, getting caught up and talking with coworkers really took it out of me!  I came home, ate dinner, fed the baby then this happened...

{Picture compliments of my husband :]}

This is where I slept for 2 and a half hours :)  Thanks Johnny for letting me rest, apparently I needed it!  From the couch, I woke up and went straight to bed and didn't wake till 6am today!

On a side note, the actual work day went well!  I got a lot done for the month of August and today I started tackling the website!  My biggest challenge is finding time to pump....TMI, I know, but these are the facts people!!