Sunday, March 29, 2009


So my mom came over Friday to watch Joey :)  I let her know she has a few new tricks...she can climb all the stairs on her own, so you have to watch her super carefully now....she can walk super fast on her walking toy that Aunt Amy got her, and she has a new big girl chair that she has been sitting in at our table :)  So I went to work, and my mom texted me "you didn't tell me she could sit up on her own!"  I texted back "I didn't know she could!"  She practiced all day and I saw her do it like 4 times before her daddy got home!  I was wondering when she would sit up on her own, and how we could teach her to do it....she didn't need teaching, she just needed time!  Go Joey Go!!!  She's getting so big :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

We went to Greatmother's for a visit!

We went to Greatmother's for a visit over Spring Break!  She lives in Roundrock near Austin.  Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well while we were there, but she said Joey was a great distraction, so I'm glad we were there!  Joey would do stuff and look to make sure Greatmother was watching her!  It was really cute :)

We also got to see my cousins Lindsay and Sam, and Uncle Don and Aunt Paula.  Here is Lindsay playing with Joey...she has mucho baby feaver!!

There are 2 parks in my grandmother's subdivision...this one has a slide with a tree stump on the top...She would peek over and hold on tight!

This is a super cute moment :)  Johnny's a great daddy!

Here is a rare moment where I am in a picture, and not taking the picture!  We went to the Oasis for dinner, and we were waiting for our table, of course Joey wanted to walk around!

This is the Stout family at sunset.  Joey was getting sleepy if you couldn't tell by the look on her eyes :)  Dinner was fun with Uncle Don, Aunt Paula, Lindsay and Sam!  I can't wait to see them again!

The trip was a good one!  We can't for Greatmother to move to Dallas!!!!

11 Months Old Today!

So today Joey is 11 months old :)  Here is what we have been doing this month.....sorry for the not keeping up with the posts!

Johnny and I had talked about this and we agreed that we were ready to hop back on the old bikes, so we got Joey a trailer to sit in behind the bikes.  We also got her a helmet.  At first she didn't like the trailer or the helmet as you can see below!

After a bottle and helmet removal, she liked the trailer just fine!  We now have the freedom to travel the neighborhood just like we used to do before Joey got here!  It's really been fun to bike to the park, friend's houses, and just around!  We love to get out of the house, and the trailer also has a trusty compartment for storing items such as but not limited to: diaper bag, baseball gloves and ball, water bottles, blanket for the park, and snacks!

We also went to play Top Golf in Dallas.  This picture is of our friend Cory and his son Easton who was born 2 Aprils ago and is about to be 3!  Joey went to Top Golf with us, but she just sat in her stroller being a good girl!  If you don't know what it is, you should google Top Golf!  It is so much fun!

Joey is also using a big girl sippie cup these days too!  We went to Target to get some and I held up some green and blue cups in one hand and pink and purple ones in the other hand.  She picked the pink and purple ones...I put them behind my back and switched hands, and she still picked the pink and purple ones...she's a girlie girl I guess!

This is a picture at a cool park in Carrollton.  We went there for my friend Laurie's daughter's 2 year old birthday!  The park was way cool, it had this springy type floor, no wood chips or gravel...greatness!  Here is Joey in the swing, she loves this thing!

That's it for now, but stay tuned, I am going to post some pics from my Grandmother's house soon...maybe even tonight!  I will leave you with this video of Joey doing what I call "sleep eating".  This happens almost every night at the Stout house!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not so cool time change!!!

I'm sure all of you mothers out there just love this time change! Clearly I am joking! Joey is upstairs crying as I am typing this. She is so tired, but is having a hard time going to sleep because it is light in her bedroom. Some people may think she doesn't know the difference, but she is smart, and she does! She takes her nap in the light, and goes to sleep for the night in the dark! Last night it only took her 5 minutes to calm down, tonight it is taking a little bit longer :( I'm sure she will be fine, and it will only take a week or so to get her acclimated to the new time, but I wish there was a magic switch or that we had black out curtains! That would help :) Until we invest in those, here we are listening to a sad baby! Oh wait.....she just stopped!! Hooray!