Thursday, April 30, 2009

Joey's Party and 1 year Appointment Wrap Up

So Joey is officially 1 and as I said in the last post, it started off with her being sick :(  She was feeling better by night time and enjoyed her 1st cake ever!  We didn't even bother stripping her down, and turns out we didn't need to!  She eats so daintily (is that even a word?).  This is the messiest picture we have, and it's not that bad!  Yay Joey :)

Here is her 2nd cake experience at Eagle's Wings Athletics where we had her party...we thought we would go ahead and take her shirt off in case she decided to go crazy on the cake, and instead, we only had to wipe her hands and her face!  It was funny because everyone was watching and waiting for her to dive right in, and she didn't!  The cake that Miss Holli made was so yummy and it was cool that Joey had her very own cake!  She loved the frosting...I made the cut in the cake so that she would realize there was more to it then frosting!

When we were opening some gifts, she started playing a game with her Aunt Vicky (the set of hands in the picture below).  Joey would pull out a piece of tissue paper and hand it back to Vicky in a sort of "no look pass" kind of way.  Vicky would quickly take it from her and Joey would grab another piece!  It was pretty entertaining, and you maybe just had to be there :)

This is Joey right before we were making her do back rolls on the mat she is holding on to.  She would roll down then pop her head up to see who was watching!  Super cute :)

The party was great, and we thank everyone who was able to come!  She got lots of great toys, books and tons of cute summer clothes!  She has worn a new outfit every day this week :)

Yesterday we had Joey's 1 year appointment at the doctor.  They checked her weight and she is 17lbs 12oz which puts her in the 4th percentile for weight, 27 1/4 inches tall which puts her in the 5th percentile for height, and her head circumference is 17 1/2 inches which puts her in the 29th percentile!  All her percentages went down from her 9 month appointment which our doc said was normal.  She said if she continues on the same growth pattern then she should be about 4'11" or 5' when she is full grown :)  I may have to teach her the joys of being a shorty!  Anyway, she did great in the appointment even after getting 4 shots.  The doctor said she looks great, and is a thriving baby who is developing normally, so that's good to hear! We didn't have any doubt, it's just good to hear from a medical pro that you are raising a thriving child!!

Well, that's it for now I guess!  Joey and Johnny are having their first daddy daughter weekend this weekend!  I will be attending the Women's retreat for our church at Pine Cove in Tyler, TX!  I know they will have fun, and I am so lucky to have a husband who is willing and in fact loves to take care of our daughter!  So everyone have a good weekend, and I will update you on any fun stories when I get back!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Joey :)

So a year ago today, this is where I the hospital with my good friends and family.  I remember waking up at like 2am having to pee, then my water broke :)  During my pregnancy, I prayed that God would have my water break on it's own because I was so nervous that I wasn't going to recognize labor until it was too late for an epidural!!!  So the Lord was super sweet, broke my water, and showed me patience during my 17.5 hour labor!  Here is Elizabeth, Myself and Tonya waiting for Joey to arrive! It was a party in my room all day by the way!

Toward the end of hour 17 I asked my nurse "When do we just get her out?"  In 30 minutes to and hour, Joey was here via C-Section!  Here is our first family pic...I was pretty out of it!

Our Bible study friends decorated the house so it was ready for Joey's big homecoming!  When we got home that day, the power was out for some reason.  We sat in the living room knowing that there were no nurses or doctors to help us this first night...we were flying solo!  

I love this picture of Joey...She now barely fits on this changing table!

This is Joey today!  Super fun and full of life :)  We just love her and can't wait to see what the years to come hold for our family!

Unfortunately Joey is sick on her bday today :(  She stayed home with daddy and got some good play time in with him though, so I don't think she even noticed that she was sick!  Her big party is this Saturday, and we can't wait to see everyone!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun Stuff

Last night some of my good friends and I had a girls night!  Before I went to Amanda's house, I was helping Johnny get Joey ready for bed.  I was changing her diaper, and in a blink of an eye, she was rolled over buck naked and pulling up on the ottoman in her room.  Her little booty was so cute, and Johnny rushed to get his camera phone working.  He was taking a picture, and it wasn't took a little longer than planned, and before we knew it, Joey was PEEING on the floor!!!!  She just stood there and looked down at herself peeing as if she were thinking "What's going on down there?"  It was probably one of the funniest moments we've had with her!  I ran to the laundry room to get our cleaning rags while Johnny promptly diapered her little bum!  After the fun, I went to Amanda's to hang out with her, Kelli, Ally, and Brooke.  We ate ice cream and watched Twilight.  When I got home, Johnny was asleep on the couch and Joey was asleep like this :)  It doesn't even look comfy, but she was just fine!  Today is another day with more adventures!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Birfday :)

Ok, so no's been a while!  Since my last post, tons of things have gone on, but here are a few snippits:)

My birthday was April a fun treat, Joey had her first sleepover at Nonny's house.  Johnny and I went with a group of friends to the Rock and Worship tour at the American Airlines Center.  There were tons of great bands!  My favorites were ironically the 2 we got to see the least of: Addison Road and Mercy Me.  The concert was great..loud, but great!  After the concert we went to Fox and Hound to drink some beers and play some shuffle board!  The last time I looked at the clock that night it was in fact 2 the next morning!  Johnny and I haven't stayed up that long in a looooooong time!  We went to my mom's at noon for lunch...yummy!!!  We picked up Joey, and she did just fine at her first sleepover (we will have to do it again..hint, hint Nonny)!  Here is a pic of Jae, Brad, Johnny, Me, Amanda (and baby girl in the oven), and Brandon at the concert.

This is not an event, but we always get compliments on Joey's is an insane picture of them!  Man, they really are blue!!!

Joey's new favorite toy is not made by hasbro or's our side table with magazines, remote controls, and coasters on it!  She goes to this table every chance she gets!  The other day we had to block her with some pillows just to get a point across...the point that we told her not to go there, and she persisted!  In this picture she is looking up at me as if to say "mommy look at me, I'm going to my table to play!!"

Easter is an amazing holiday!  It's the day Jesus rose from the dead for goodness sake!  Our Easter started a few weeks early when we went shopping for Joey's Easter dress...Johnny was like "Why does she need a special dress?  She's got dresses in her closet!"  I couldn't come up with a response other than "That's what you do, it's get a new dress!"  So here it is, her purty Easter dress :)  She seemed to like it..what do you think?

Yummy!  We are moving toward big people food for Joey instead of baby food.  Last night we tried lasagna!  The minute we put food on her plate she didn't stop eating!  We ended up cutting her off 45 minutes after starting dinner to give her a bottle!  She does not eat quick like mommy and daddy!  But check out that grin...the girl loves to eat I guess!

This is Joey using her table as a walking toy....anything is a walking toy these days!  She is starting to get more and more brave with walking and has taken, at most, 10 steps by herself!  Her birthday is April Thursday...and I'm hoping she will be walking all on her own by then!  We will see :)