Friday, October 22, 2010

Hearty....Har Har......

So sweet Joey had a heart check up on Monday.  We had been preparing her the night before since her appointment last year didn't go so well {nice way to say....she kicked and screamed and didn't behave so great}.  She knew that she was going to have to take her shirt off and the doctor was going to look at her heart.  We told her about the sonogram and how they were going to put some lotion on her chest and use a stick to see inside her chest.  She was prepared and when asked what we were going to do that day she would say "we go docker he look my heart it tickles!!!".  So we woke up and took Sammy to Holli's and were on our way!  I brought the stroller because it's a hike from the parking lot up to the doc's office on the 8th floor!!  We got there and this is the first time Joey was big enough to play in the "tree house" in the lobby :] {For those of you who don't know, we have been going to the heart doc since Joey was about 4 months old for several can read about it here, and here, and here!}  Anyway, here's some shots of her in the tree house....forgive the quality, all I had was my iPhone!!

From the waiting room, we went to get weighed in and measured up...She's 24.8lbs, and 32 inches tall!  Then we headed into the Sono room.  I'm not sure how these people work all day and don't fall asleep.  It's dim, warm, and the hum of the Sonogram machine would lull me right to sleep...I'm actually yawning just thinking about it! 

 Here we are with the Sono tech.  What is Joey looking at?  I was smart this time and brought a Dora DVD on the off chance that the TV usually playing Baby Einstein was able to play DVDs and that it wasn't something played office wide.  The unit was self contained, so we got to watch Dora which made the Sono Tech's job so much easier!  Joey had moments of claustrophobia, but all in all she did great!  No kicking, no screaming, and not 1 single tear!!!

From there it was off to the waiting room where we waited for the Doctor to come in.  I brought some things for Joey to play with and all she wanted was my iPhone to play on.  I let her since she behaved so well during the sono!  Since Joey was playing, I decided to snap a few shots of the random decor in the room...if you missed my last post about Sammy's visit, it included other random decor that made me go "hmmmmm?"  you can check it out here.

One thing I love about our Pediatric Cardiologist is that they are Christians.  There is some sort of Christ paraphernalia in each room, and in this one it was the Armor of God!  Got it :]

Other than studying God's Word, I was also able to brush up on my geography....

....and also dream of being on a mountain top!

So the doc finally came in, and Joey was a bit leery.  She let him listen to her heart and talked a lot while the doc was trying to explain their findings from the Sonogram.  He said that her ASD has completely closed up, so that's awesome!!!  He also said that her Pulmonary Valve Stenosis is stable....not improving and not getting worse, so that's great!! Then he brought out his little notepad with a drawn heart and said there was a "new finding" this time.

Joey has a subaortic membrane.  Please click on the link to find out what it is, because when I try to explain, I get jumbled and tell people the wrong thing :].  Basically what everyone needs to know is that Joey is OK!  She is a happy healthy girl who is thriving!  The Doc did say that if the membrane grows that Joey could have to have surgery, but right now her case if VERY MILD, and he's not too worried about it!  I told Dr. Laird that we know the Lord is in control, and he knows Joey, and he made her who she is for His purpose!  We can handle anything with Him at the helm!  He agreed and said it was refreshing to not have a parent freak out when he gives them "news".  It's different when you have an eternal perspective I think!

Anywho, that's the deal.  Again, our Doc isn't worried about Jo and we don't have to go back until next year, so that's good!!  We will keep you posted if anything changes!  Thanks to those of you who stuck this one out to the end...long post, I know :]

Out Numbered!!!

So Amanda brought this to my attention the other day....our sweet girls are about to be out numbered!  Let me explain....Our Life Group is baby booming right now, it's crazy! 

the Luedke's have 2 girls....
Here's Hannah {1} and Madison {4} at the Pumpkin Patch

We have 2 girls....
One of my favorite pics!!  This was the day we got to bring Sam home!!! 
{Joey 2, and Sam is now 4 months}

Here's where the out numbering begins......

The Moore's just had a sweet baby boy named Isaiah Samuel
{I don't have a picture, but that boy is so cute!!!}

The Luedke's are about to have a baby boy {within 5 weeks} named Ben
{No pic of this little bean :[}

The Davis' are about to have a baby name yet :]
Here is his sweet face and hands!!!  Hi Hammer Jammer {Johnny's idea for a name}

And last but not least, the Barr's already have a sweet boy named Jacob...
Just look at that sweet grin...

and they are about to have another boy {name not determined yet}!!!!!

So you see my friends, that makes the count 4 girls and 5 boys!!!  Our sweet girls are going to be corrupted with Star Wars, bugs, mud pies and more!  I wouldn't have it any other way, and neither would God!  He has placed us all into eachother's lives for his reason and for his Glory...let the fun begin!!!  

Thank you Lord for all these sweet babies you are bringing into this world! I pray for all our friends who are preggo...may they have safe pregnancies and births!  I love them all and I know you are in control over their journeys! Thank you Jesus!!!

On another note, my sweet friend Liz is also preggo!!!  She's having a sweet baby girl and her name is Willa Christina!!!  Liz and Kevin are not in our small group so she doesn't go toward the count :]  Here's her sweet mug....

Oh Willa, I can't wait to hold you and tell you stories about me and your mommy's adventures when we were younger :]  I love you little lady and pray for you daily!!!!  Keep cookin and we will see you soon :]

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Joey loves spaghetti...

.....enough said!!

Women's Retreat

So this weekend I got to get away from the big city and go on a Women's retreat with my church! It was especially fun because 2 of my friends from Bible Study were there and we all invited our mommies to come with us!!
{Me, My mom Letha, Kelli, Kelli's mom Carla, Jestine and Jestine's mom Michelle!!}

Here are some more tidbits from the trip.....

We arrived at Pine Cove to this beautiful view!

This is our floor, and we had to climb those stairs every time we needed 1 little thing :] Yikes!!!!

The cute sign on our door

I got to sing praises to the King with some great friends!!

Kelli's mom braved the Zip Line!!

We played Minute to Win it...I had to dip my nose in Vaseline then stick a cotton ball to my nose and shake the cotton balls off in another bowl...I won by the way!!!

This was my small group!!

We also had "bonfires" at night!  We played a funny game involving Ninja sounds, among others!!

The weekend was amazing!  The theme was Transforming Your Journey.  We had speakers and we learned a lot!  My take away was different from others, but I came home knowing that God needs to be a bigger priority in my life.  Him first before my to do lists, before my family, before my agenda.  If you are the praying type, and I hope you are, pray that I would be persistent in this life change.  My journey was transformed, and I can't wait till next year!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Today Joey and I went to the pumpkin patch with Amanda, Madison, Hannah, Kelli, Jackie and Jacob!  It was super fun! We got to feed animals, go on a hay ride, take pictures, and we even got to go home with a little pumpkin!  Here are some pics from the day :)

 {I love the look of terror on Joey's face :]}

 After the hay ride

 Snack Time :)
 Amanda and her girls

 Kelli in all her glory :)

 Jackie and the lone boy :)

 I just love all the girls' faces in this one :)

 Sweet friends!

Pretty sure they were looking at a grasshopper!

"I found one mommy!!!" 

This was our attempt at a group shot :)


And that's how our day went!!  It was so much fun, and I can't wait to go back next year!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Her Feet Touch!

So we got Sam's bouncy seat out a while ago, and she was just too little for it!  Well look are her now....1 whole foot can touch the platform :) {I just love that little leg roll toward the top of her thigh :]}

 She loves to play with the toys and the bumble bee she has a hold of was one of Joey's favorite toys!!

"what you lookin at mama??"  check out the turtle on the right.  Joey used to chew on this thing, and that's why most of the green paint is gone :] I'm guessing it's non toxic because Joey is still with us :]

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sam vs. Cereal

So tonight Joey is spending the night at my parent's house, so Johnny and I thought we would take it upon ourselves to date night it up!!  What did we do with Sam you ask??  Well, since she doesn't really talk, we just took her with us, so it was really a psuedo date, but whatever, we didn't have to pick crayons up off the floor and monitor cups filled with water, and all the other fun toddler stuff, so we will call it a date :)  We went to Gloria's which is now in Allen!!  The food was awesome, and we love their blackbean dip!!!

And their margarita's {we now know} are very strong and only $3 from 3p-6p :]  I got yummy chicken flautas, and Johnny got chicken fajitas!  It was so yummy, I am so glad they are in Allen now!!

After that we went to Best Buy and looked at cases for the iPad, and we also got this little gem...

....and with a coupon Amanda told me about, we only paid $15 for it!!!  Hurry people, it's only out of the Disney vault for so long!!!  Let me know if you want the's only good till the 12th of October, so act quick!!

Once we got home, we decided to go ahead and get Sammy started on her oatmeal's how it went down...

Strapped in and not quite sure what's about to go on :)

Yummo :]

There's stuff all over me !!!

Here's a painfully long video :] Feel free to watch it, feel free to not watch it!  She tried really hard!

After Sammy's cereal, I gave her a bath, fed her and now she's sleeping!  It's really weird to only have to check on one kiddo at night!  Oh well, I know Joey is having fun at her grandparent's!! Johnny's at hockey, and I just finished P90X Legs and Back workout!!  I'm ready to go to bed :)  

Hope you had a great night like us!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

4 Months :)

Sammy is officially 4 months old and doing great!  She has some allergies like her momma {even though the doc says she's too young for allergies, I know in my heart of hearts that's what it is}, but other than that, she's awesome!

We took Sam to the doctor today for her checkup and shots, and our doctor was actually sick so we had to see the Nurse Practitioner :(  We were bummed because we wanted to hear Dr Frank's take on Sam's test results being negative for Noonan's.  Oh's the stats.....

Weight - 10lbs 14ozs {4th %ile, down from 16th %ile}}
Length - 23inches {11th %ile, down from 23rd %ile}
Head Circumference - 15 1/2 inches {11th %ile, same as before}

The nurse said that she wasn't worried about the drop in percentage, so I guess we won't worry about it either!  She said she could hear Sam's heart murmur and asked if we were aware of it :)  We sure are, thanks for checking!! :)  She also told us since Sammy is really good at holding her head up, we can start her on cereal!!  We are going to start her with her night time feeding and see how she handles that.  If she does OK, we will add a morning feeding.  She's growing up so fast! Who knew our little NICU baby would be right on track??

Sad fact...Sam had to get shots today :(  She got over it super quick, but just look at those sweet little legs :(

Sam is doing lots of cool things these are a few....

 grabbing for things
smiling a ton
rolling from belly to back both directions
sleeping through the night
trying to hold her bottles
loves when I sing to her {she kicks and heart melts :]}
loves her sister
takes naps in her crib

I feel like there are more, I just can't remember them right now!  

Sammy, you are a complete joy to our family!  We love how you smile for no reason, and how you are so good natured!  God has truly blessed us, and I can't imagine life without you!