Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break just got done and we are all still feeling the effects of sleeping in too late and that darn daylight savings time change! We packed up the kids and made the trek down to Houston for some Rodeo and family fun!  The kids are pretty good travelers so the drive went well.....

We got their Saturday night and had some fabulous burgers and fixins at Amy and Stewart's house.  They always feed us so well!

On Sunday there was a torrential downpour and flash flooding.  Of course this was the day we were going to church and to see my cousins in Spring :]  We made it through all the rain and ended up having a great day!  Church was great with great music and a good message and it was so much fun to hang out with My aunt, uncle and cousins too!  We got to Paige's house after lunch and just hung out catching up.  McKenzie played with Joey and Sammy upstairs while we got to have adult conversations downstairs :]  We were watching a golf tournament, talking about politics and later we watched Joey and Sammy show off some of their gymnastics skills :]  Once golf was done we all went to dinner and what an exciting dinner it was!!!  My cousin Buddy is in cancer remission and was having to re learn how to swallow.  We hadn't seen an update in a while, but what a suprise it was to see him down and plate of tacos and a tostada like it was no biggie!  Praise the Lord!!! It's always good to get caught up with family and I'm so glad we were able to work out a visit while we were in town!  When we left their house, we stopped at a redbox and got this movie...

....anyone else seen it?  We could not get on board :[  It was ok, but you just can't replace Kevin Bacon and my other favorite Sarah Jessica Parker.  The kid who played Willard was funny, but other than that, I'm an original Footloose girl all the way!

Monday morning we woke up and got on the move.  Amy and I left Sammy and Savannah with Johnny and we took Joey to see her 1st movie in a theatre!  We saw...

It was so cute, and if you haven't seen it, you need to!  Great message :]  Joey covered her eyes at the end and yelled "eeeeeeekkk" because the boy in the movie kissed a girl on the cheek :]  Such a silly girl!

I don't know what's to fun about taking your girl to a movie, but we had a great time!  The seat kept trying to close up on her so we had to get a booster seat the end she ended up on my lap :]  She said she liked the movie except for he kissing part :]

After the movie it was back to the house for naps then the RODEO!!!!!!  The rodeo was a blast, and I can't tell you how surprised we were when Joey wanted to ride rides!!!!  If you know Joey at all, you know she is the most cautious girl EVER.  Thanks to Uncle Don, we had tickets to use at the carnival, so we let her ride to her hearts content! {Warning...there are a ridiculous amount of pictures coming up:]}

Joey wanted to start here, but immediately got turned down for being a shorty :[ She was a bit sad, but we got pointed to the "kiddie section" and when we got there all was forgotten!

We found this fun house in the kiddie section and Joey had a blast!

Sammy and Savannah entertained each other while we waited on Johnny and Joey :]

Here's Stewart and Savannah...Amy was on the roller coaster with Joey!

Look at that grip on the lap belt...she said she didn't like this ride, but she didn't cry or scream and most importantly she didn't throw up :]

Joey said this was her favorite ride...when she pulled down on her handles, the plane went up!  It kinda made me dizzy :[  I am so NOT a rider!!!

Sammy enjoyed her corn dog thanks to a coupon from Uncle Don we got 2 of these bad boys and a FREE lemonade :]  Yummo!  In my opinion, these corn dogs were better then Fletcher's from the state fair! I know, shoot me later :]

In this picture Joey is freaking out....not because she's scared, but because she couldn't ride in the color car she wanted to.  There's Johnny in the back to the right telling her to cut it out and the sweet girl is trying to comfort Joey thinking she's is just scared :] The ride attendant asked Johnny if he still wanted Joey to ride and he said "yes, absolutely, she's being ridiculous".  She cried the entire ride :[  When this kid doesn't get her way, she do we stop that?

Sammy would have loved all the rides, but she is way too short, so she settled for giving daddy some lovin!


After some rides, it was off to the pig races!!!  I love these races :]  How about some pics while we wait....

"mom, stop!!!"

Aunt Amy and Savanah :]

Love this!!!

Go piggies go!!!!!!

Then it was off to see the animals!

Here's Sammy licking the chicken coop....I mean, why not?!?

Savannah loved the animals!!!

The girls got to put stickers on their plates to show a good meal.

Last it was off to the petting zoo....Joey has come a long way and was not freaked out by the animals!  She kept wanting to brush the animals :]  Sammy just jumps right in, she doesn't care!

Savannah even got in on the action!  She was grabbing this goat in front of her and he was a snippy my shirt and Stewart's jeans :]

The rodeo was great!  We didn't get to see any of the actual rodeo and by the time the entertainer was going on, it was too late for the girls, so we loaded up and headed out!  We were heading to the parking lot after and Joey was up on Johnny's shoulders...he tripped and fell and they both went down.  Joey hit her head and it swelled up real nice.  J felt so bad, but they were both ok and all in all it wasn't a big deal :]  

Tuesday we got up, ate breakfast and headed back to McKinney after a fun filled weekend.  We had so much fun and we can't wait to stop by the Luedke's in April on our way to Galveston!  We all decided that next year we would go to the rodeo earlier so that we could have time to watch the actual rodeo and ride more rides :]

Thanks everyone for such a fun weekend!  We can't wait till next year!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Been About a Month :]

It's been about a month so I figure it's time for an update :]  A lot has gone on in our lives between Christmas and now, and I'm not even going to try and go back to recount all that has happened.  I have posted pics on facebook, so I'll link the albums here and let them tell the stories!  Here we go...

Thanksgiving...we have so much to be thankful for!  The Lord's blessings, family, friends and more!  Click here for pics :]

Christmas is always a blast...not only is it our Lord's birthday, we get to enjoy time at our church rejoicing and at our home focusing on the joy Jesus brought to our lives!  We also get to open presents :] Click here for the bajillion Christmas pics :]  You have to understand that we had like 4 Christmas celebrations total and it went way past December!  Our last celebration was at my Dad's in January and involved an appearance from the donkey Pedro :]

We added a sweet new addition to the Stout family!  Welcome baby Brooklyn!  She's so cute and tiny and about 2 months old right now :]  Click here for some pics from her first days!

Joey got to go to her friend's birthday party at Pump it Up!  She surprised me by going down the big slide time and time again!  If you know Joey, you know that is a big deal for our little fearful girl :]  Click here to see the pics from the party!

How about a good old fashioned Joey photo session?!? Click Here :]

When you really want to kow what's going on in our lives, check out my instagram album on facebook....Click here for that!!

Alright, there are some things to get us updated!  I will be posting about the Houston Rodeo soon, so stay tuned!  I think that gets us pretty much caught up :]  Sorry for the delay and lack of words, feel free to leave comments on facebook if you want to know more details of a picture!