Thursday, July 30, 2009

iPhones :)

So since my last post welcoming baby Hannah into the world, we have gotten iPhones :) This lovely device has helped us to be hyper productive for the past week! I can check email, update facebook, check to see if a shelf is level or not, do flashcards with Joey and more! It also takes pictures :) Here are a few

This is Joey on my mom's lawn..she takes really good pictures in the sun!

Here Joey was forced to choose between her cheerios and my iced tea :) The iced tea won!

Recently Joey got some new toys from some friends at the gym. Here she is playing with her new golf clubs! LPGA, here we come :)

This Summer, Joey has gotten to spend a lot of time with her cousins Mily and Dakotah. Here we she is at the park, and Mily is helping her with her water.....Mily insists that Joey needs help drinking even though she's been able to do this for a while :)

This picture was not taken with the iPhone, but with my mom's camera! I just love how blue Joey's eyes look :)

As far as what Joey's up to these days...she has a whole lot of fun tricks! She is beginning to follow directions. When we tell her to go get a diaper or her water or her baby, she totally does it! She's so smart! She also knows where her chair is and when she is hungry, she will walk to it and whine :) She knows that no means no and pushes the boundries even though she knows that no means no! She can climb all our stairs and can now come down them too! She is saying tons of words and is pretty much just getting cuter every day! I guess that's it for now!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hannah is here!

Welcome to the world Hannah :) Congrats Amanda and Brandon!

Here is the happy family!
How sweet is she? She's so tiny!

Here is me with Hannah. She's so sweet and small! I just love her already!

Hawaiian Falls

Tuesday we got a coupon in the good old email for a 2 for 1 deal at Hawaiian Falls! For those of you who don't know, Hawaiian Falls is a small water park that is pretty close to where we live. I talked to My brother-in-law Bret and we made plans to go! So I got off work at 3 and we packed up and headed to the park! Joey did great at the park. Here are a few pics:

This is the kids area where we started Joey...there are all sorts of water buckets that dump on you, things that spray on you, and more!

Brittany, Joey, and Johnny were sitting and splashing :) Brit is great at entertaining Joey!

Aunt Lisa made peanut butter sandwiches, and Joey loved them!! Here she is with a big gob in her cheek.

There is a sand box at HF that Joey wasn't quite sure of...she definitely had a hard time walking in it :)

Last but not least, here is a video of Brittany taking Joey down a waterslide....the end us super funny! Brittany cracks me up!

Grandma's Office

So the other day I had off work and we had a house showing.....we took it upon ourselves to go visit Grandma at work. We have never been there and it's always fun to show Joey off to new people! She stole the show for sure! She walked around, explored and looked super cute with her pony tail! Here are a few pics :)

Thanks Grandma for letting us barge in on your work day!

Monday, July 13, 2009

14 month old girl going on 14 year old boy

These days Joey is eating as though she were a 14 year old teenager...I remember my grandmother talking about all that My Uncle Don used to eat for breakfast (including something like a whole pound of bacon), and I am reminded of our little girl!

Here's how Saturday went down. We woke up and Joey had to eat breakfast

Breakfast: 1 whole waffle, and some berries

I had to go to work. Johnny was tired of being kooped up in the house, so they went to Grandma's who had some left over breakfast still. Joey proceeded to eat breakfast #2.

Breakfast #2 at Grandma's: 1/2 banana, scrambled eggs and toast

Joey took a nap and woke up to eat Lunch.

Lunch: turkey meat, bread, cheese

Around 3 Joey get's hungry so we give her some cheerios.

Snack: cheerios

We had the Stout clan over for swimming and headed back to Grandma's for dinner. Joey at a lot!

Dinner: 1/2 banana, whole hot dog, watermelon

We were sitting at the table after dinner was over and Joey felt like she needed more food, so she got another hot dog.....then as we were sitting there she just reached in the bread basket and snatched a bun out and started chomping down!

Dinner #2: another whole hot dog, and 1/2 of a hamburger bun

So as you can see, we either have a growing girl on our hands or a 14 year old boy trapped in this 14 month old girl's body.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brittany is Babysitting :)

So last night Johnny and I got to spend a night singing and praising the Lord at a Worship service held at church! It was so much fun, but the times were way to late for little Joey to stay up and play in the nursery at church, so we called in our niece to watch her!

I met Brittany when she was 8 and never did I think that she would be watching my future kids, let alone my future kids with her uncle as my husband! This is a picture of her when she was 9 I think...She's the one in the front, hugging the trophy with a yellow bag on her hip (not looking at the camera)!

Anyway, Brittany has grown and is now a "responsible" 13 year old! She biked over from her house, played with Joey for a bit, put her to bed and basically fell asleep on our couch! Johnny threw her bike in the back of the truck and took her home! Get it Brit, and thanks for keeping Joes safe while we were gone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Good Morning!

There once was a day where Joey would quietly wake up in her crib...she would coo and talk to herself as she waited patiently for one of us to come and get her out of bed.

That, my friends, is not the case anymore! Now she wakes up crying and screaming, and half of the time when you go to get her, all her blankets and stuffed animals are on the floor. I guess she stands up and takes out her frustration on her bedtime buddies :( When you walk in the room she stops crying, looks down at all her things on the floor and says super cutely "oops!". I will try and catch a picture or video of this fun daily event and will update you as soon as I add it to the post!

Nothing super fun today, just a "Joey thing" I don't want to forget when she is a teenager yelling at me because I'm trying to get her up before noon! I'll say "Remember when you would cry for us to come get you at 7am each morning? Oh you don't? Hold on, I think I wrote about it in my blog :)". Take that future Joey!