Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not complaining, just saying!!!

Things that are different now that I'm getting bigger....
Rolling over in bed...this is a tough one, I am a turner for sure. At night I roll from side to side, I don't wake up on the side I started on ever, until recently. I have to use arm power to push myself onto my back then I plop down on my other side...I'm not even gonna get started on getting out of the bed, that's a whole different story!
Trips to the bathroom...these are different for several reasons. 1) These trips are becoming more frequent. I feel like I can't possibly hold it any longer, and I go to the bathroom expecting this huge gush of relief.....then 1 to 2 drops come out. I don't get it! I guess with Joey laying on my bladder it only feels like I can pee for days?? 2) Each time I go to the OB, they want a urine sample to test for protien in there. Before, the only worry I had about giving a urine sample was worrying that if I pee now, I will never have to pee once I get to the actual doctors office. Obvioulsy that's not a problem anymore, but the concerns are...where to put the cup, trying to see around my belly blind spot, thinking "I really don't want to pee on my hand", and getting the sample in the cup not on the outside where I have written my name...I don't want to smear it and heaven forbid have to try again later when they can't figure out who's pee it is! Tricky indeed.
Putting on shoes: These either have to be slip ons or shoes that are already tied and ready to be slipped on because It's getting harder to get my foot in the position to tie my shoes!
Clothes Shopping: I used to shop for fun, now I shop for neccesity! "Will this cover my belly? Will this count as a formal look for that wedding I have to attend when I'm as big as the cake? Will I ever get to wear this again or will it go out of style before the next baby comes forcing me to buy more expensive clothes?" Yowser!
Well, that's just a small insight to the daily differences in the life of Christy and Joey. Don't get me wrong, I have had it super easy in the grand scheme of things! I had no morning sickness, am just now at 7 months getting asked "Oh my goodness, when were you going to tell me you were preggo?", I got to cut back hours at work and mch more! The Lord is truly blessing this miracle! These are simply things that are different that I don't want to forget for the next one :)

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