Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I heart you :)

So yesterday we took Joey to the Pediatric Cardiologist to check out a heart murmer that our Pediatrician discovered at Joey's 2 month appointment. She did so good! Joey had to get an EKG.....basically they stick stickers all over her chest and shoulder area then the clip things to them and get a reading of her heart beat. She didn't cry or anything, and seemed to not mind being naked (with the exception of the diaper they let us keep on her). They put us in a room and we waited for the doctor. He said that he couldn't tell what he wanted to from the EKG, so we had to get a Sonogram on miss Joesphine! She had to lay still for over 20 minutes and she did. The sono tech kept putting jelly on her and rubbing her chest with this sono wand. She just sat there and cooed, oh and of course pooped :) It was silent and she was not :) The sono tech let us go back to the room when she was done and let us get Joey dressed again to wait for the doctor. Again, no crying, just cooing and having a great time until.......the doctor wanted to take another sono of her heart. We had to get her naked again and put her back in the sono room. She had had enough! She was crying and kicking and not being too excited about getting that jelly on her again. The doctor did the sono this took about 5 minutes then he sent us to the room to wait for him. He came in after we dressed her again, and calmed her down...she actually fell asleep on me :) So sweet!!! He began to explain how the heart works....then he showed us a diagram of how Joey's heart is working. She has pulmanary valve stinosis (sorry if the spelling is off). This is where one of her valves is only opening to 90% as opposed to 100%. He explained that this was not a huge deal and compared it to opening a door. If you open the door 100% it is just as easy to go through that as it is to go through a door that is 90% open. We only need to worry if the valve opens 40 or 50%. Then he said that Joey has a medium size hole in her heart. It is letting oxygenated blood into the side of the heart that it shouldn't be in. He said that this is pretty common and usually heals itself. Then he said that she may or may not have a vein that is draining into the wrong heart chamber. He said that he couldn't see this for sure and that is why he wanted to get her in the sono room again. All these things he assured us are pretty common and nothing to worry about! He said to keep on living life as normal and bring her in in 2 months to see the progress of things. He wants to make sure that the hole is closing, the vein is not draining into the wrong chamber, and the valve is not getting worse. He was very encouraging, and we are sure that the good Lord will take care of our precious baby girl!! On a good note, she is growing :) 22 1/4 inches long and 10lbs 5 ozs!! He said this was a great sign!! We will keep you posted!

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