Friday, June 26, 2009

Joey is 14 months old!!

So now that Joey is 14 months old, she can do tons of fun stuff! She can walk, and loves to sit on the bottom stair to get a head start! She can say daddy, mommy, baby, hi, bye bye, thank you, and more! She's just growing up so fast :( Here are a few recent pics of our cutie patootie!

This is a pic of her morning hair :)

Joey loves all fruit, but she is especially loving the berries that we are giving her lately! They are messy, but she loves them!

This is Joey's pony's all the hair that will fit :)

She's walking!!

This is a cute bikini that her Nonny bought for her today! Super cute!

On a side note, Johnny took her to the heart doc on Monday and they said she is doing great! Her heart continues to heal! Praise God! On another note, she was apparently awful during the whole exam and screamed like people were trying to murder her. I guess I am glad I wasn't there?!?

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rackersfamily said...

wow! she's really growing up! I love her pony tail and yipee for her walking!! It's a whole new world when they are mobile!