Monday, September 26, 2011

Sammy's 15 Month Check Up

So we had Sammy's 15 month check up and this was a picture of the calm before the storm!  Sammy had to get her shots at this appointment and I guess I've never been there for them, but Johnny gave her a sucker before in anticipation of what was to come :[  

Let's back up.....We came in and got her weighed and measured 1st.....The results are in, and here we go....

Height: 28.5 inches {5th %ile}
Weight: 19lbs 2.5oz {4th %ile}
Head Circum: 18 inches {44th %ile}

After we got through the formalities, Dr Frank came in and did the exam.  She said Sammy is right on track with everything, and she was really excited to hear that Sammy has more words than she did at her last check-up, and was surprised that she didn't have any stranger danger {not in a bad way, just this age a lot of kids don't like anyone but their parents}.  

After the exam she gave Joey a sucker and Sammy got one too.  Johnny went ahead and opened them up for the girls.  We both laughed because when Joey was Sam's age, we would not have given her a sucker :]  Anyway, we were preparing for the shots.  Rosa, our nurse, is super fast and great at shots...she came in and got ready and from start to finish it took about 30 seconds.  Sammy proceeded to scream and cry from that time to the time we got home :[  So dramatic!!!  

I love you Sammy, but your sister was a way better shot getter!  She would cry for a second, you'd pick her up and it would be done!  OK, comparison over..sorry Sammer :]

By the time we had left, Sammy got shots and a sucker...Joey, who wasn't even the center of attention, walked away with a sucker, 2 stickers, lip gloss, and a care bear :]  All in all a fair trade...LOL

Sammy's next appointment is when she is 18 months...I think we get shots at that one too...please start praying now :]

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Holly (me.) said...

The series of vaccinations through the early well-checks are just no fun for anyone... parents, wee ones, or the office staff. Still, sounds like a great visit for Joey!