Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Been About a Month :]

It's been about a month so I figure it's time for an update :]  A lot has gone on in our lives between Christmas and now, and I'm not even going to try and go back to recount all that has happened.  I have posted pics on facebook, so I'll link the albums here and let them tell the stories!  Here we go...

Thanksgiving...we have so much to be thankful for!  The Lord's blessings, family, friends and more!  Click here for pics :]

Christmas is always a blast...not only is it our Lord's birthday, we get to enjoy time at our church rejoicing and at our home focusing on the joy Jesus brought to our lives!  We also get to open presents :] Click here for the bajillion Christmas pics :]  You have to understand that we had like 4 Christmas celebrations total and it went way past December!  Our last celebration was at my Dad's in January and involved an appearance from the donkey Pedro :]

We added a sweet new addition to the Stout family!  Welcome baby Brooklyn!  She's so cute and tiny and about 2 months old right now :]  Click here for some pics from her first days!

Joey got to go to her friend's birthday party at Pump it Up!  She surprised me by going down the big slide time and time again!  If you know Joey, you know that is a big deal for our little fearful girl :]  Click here to see the pics from the party!

How about a good old fashioned Joey photo session?!? Click Here :]

When you really want to kow what's going on in our lives, check out my instagram album on facebook....Click here for that!!

Alright, there are some things to get us updated!  I will be posting about the Houston Rodeo soon, so stay tuned!  I think that gets us pretty much caught up :]  Sorry for the delay and lack of words, feel free to leave comments on facebook if you want to know more details of a picture!

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