Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sorry this took so long!!

So I just realized that in the past month I have not updated ya'll on what's going on in our lives....I'm sure you are so interested, but here goes........
Well, I got sick for a week, that was not fun! I couldn't eat, didn't want to move off the couch, and had to miss all that work. It started with a sonogram at this really cool place called the Dallas Crisis Pregnancy Resource Center. They train sono techs and they also give FREE sonos to volunteers and people who are deciding what to do with their baby. It is a Christ based company, and could not be a better cause. As a volunteer you get about an hour long sonogram and some fun pics of your baby :) I didn't post them however because they are small, and hard to see.. It was really cool though........at 1 point Joey had her thumb in her mouth and the sono tech knocked it out with the wand thingy...Joey reached that thumb back and stuck it right in her mouth!! It was stinkin cute if I do say so myself :)
What next......well, I had an appointment at the OB on Wednesday. They thought I was measuring small, so they wanted a sonogram just to check on Joey's progress. She was looking fine, and this pic will be posted :) She is sucking her thumb, and was actually holding her foot with her hand close to her head. She's so bendy :) She is also practicing breathing. Apparently this is a great thing because I was at 28 weeks and they usually don't start practicing to breathe until 35 weeks. Our baby is so advanced...LOL. Is that even possible this early in the game?? Either way, I'm gong to pretend that it is possible :) Also at this visit I did my gestational diabetes test. This consists of drinking a nasty sugar drink that kinda tastes like a very flat sunkist orange drink. Anyway, they make you drink this then they take your blood to see how you metabolize the sugar. Good news, I am in the clear when it comes to the Gestational Diabetes, but my bloodwork did come back that I have Anemia. Apparently I need some more iron in my system. I have to start taking some iron supliments....not a huge deal apparently
I had this appointment to get approval for my final trip...I went to and just got back from Puerta Vallarta Mexico!!! I sang at my cousin's wedding. It was beautiful in Mexico, and I had a blast. Johnny had to stay behind for a gym meet, so I went with my mom! I will post pics because there is too much to type up. Like I said, we had a great time, and Joey was lovin the beautiful weather and fun music by the pool, she was definately dancing in my belly :)
Well, that's it, you are now caught up to speed! I am going to get back on track with this thing for sure :)

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