Thursday, April 17, 2008

The result.....

o I talked with the scheduling nurse today at my doctor's office. I let her know that I didn't really want to induce unless there was a medical reason for it. She said she totally understood and so we rescheduled it for May 7th. This is past my due date of May 3rd, and we are hoping that she comes on her own before then, but if she doesn't, then we have a backup plan. Since she is measuring a little small, this date shouldn't be a problem, but she did say that if for some reason I start to swell, she starts to grow rapidly or if any other medical reason occurs then we may have to go ahead with a sooner date. I'm ok with that, but am relieved to know that there is no reason to do so just yet! Well, that's the at the latest, we are going to meet Joey in T minus 3 weeks!!!! Yay :)

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