Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To Induce or Not to Induce.....That is the Question!

So on Monday we had a doctor appointment. They checked the baby, she's doing well!!! I guess still measuring about a week behind, but I'm not so certain, they didn't really say anything about it, so really that's just an assumption on my part. They checked me and I am 60% effaced, and possibly 1 cm dialated. I was asked how I feel, and if I was ready for her to come. I said I was a little uncomfy, and if she came today that would be fine with me! He said "great have we talked about induction??" I said "yes, in the beginning, we talked about it if I happened to go past my due date." He said great, "well let's get that scheduled...I'll have the nurse call you." I felt kinda rushed...I looked at Johnny and we were both obviously not expecting him to say that. I was caught so off guard that I couldn't come up with any questions at that time. Once Johnny and I left the questions flooded my mind.....Why are they trying to rush me? Is there a reason why they want Joey to come before her due date? Is this because my supposed due date is on a Saturday and no one wants to come in on a weekend? What is the induction process like? Why do they want to take the suprise element out of Joey's arrival? and many more...hence the flood reference! In this day and time we have this amazing tool for questions like's called Google! I began to look up labor induction.....after all my "research" I'm not sure this is the way to go! If Joey's not ready and there is no medical reasoning behind the decision, then why do it? So I'd prepped myself to tell the nurse when she called that I didn't want the induction unless there was a medical reason as to why I had to have it. She called and has already scheduled it. YIKES....I called her back and left a message relaying my decision. We shall see...........

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