Thursday, May 8, 2008

2 weeks and counting......

So yesterday Joey turned 2 weeks old! With her big day came her first doctor appointment, her 2 week screening at the hospital and her first prescription. We started at the doc's office who we really like. The first thing they had us do was strip her down to her diaper so that we could get the proper weight and heigth. She weighs 7lbs and is now 19.5 inches long. She lost weight, but grew taller. They would like for the babies to get back to their original birth weight by the second week, and since she wasn't back to her 7lbs 1.5oz, we have to go back in a week to check her weight again. They weren't worried, but just have to make sure we are on the right track! So after that, the doctor came in and checked Joey's heart, temp,and whatever else doctors check. Dr. Frank said she looks great, and everything is developing just right!! The only thing we were concerned with is that Joey has these eye boogers that are taking over her poor eyes. Doc told us that was normal and she prescribed this goo that we have to put in her eyes several times a day for an entire week. After the doctor, we had to go to the hospital where she was born and get her 2 week screening required by the state of Texas. In this screening, they pricked her heel and filled up a card with her blood :( She didn't like it at all! Johnny had to hold her during the screening because I couldn't do it! It was just so sad, she was screaming :( Once the lady was done, Johnny gave her to me and I calmed her down. It's pretty amazing that I can calm her down! I guess she knows her mommy and knows that I am safe! We went to Kroger once we were done and got her eye goo prescription filled. It was a great day that ended with a bath and applying the goo to her eyes! Needless to say, she slept really well last night.....she had a big day!!

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