Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jesus....I heart you!!!

So we just went to the heart doctor for Joey yesterday.  We were expecting a long visit because our last took 2 hours!!!!!  We got there and they weighed and measured her (13lbs, and 24"), and then sent us to a sonogram room.  Dr Laird came and did a sono on Joey's heart then said he was going to leave for a bit, they were going to move us to a different room, and then we could talk.  He ended up just talking to us in the sono room.  Joey's medium sized hole in her heart is now EXTRA SMALL and the doc said he considered it HEALED, and that 10% of adults have an extra small hole in there hearts without ever knowing it!  He also said that the vein he thought might be draining into the wrong side of the heart is not draining into the wrong side!  It is going to the side it is supposed to :)  Yay!!!  Last but not least, her Pulmonary Valve that is only opening 90% of the way got slightly worse, but he said that it is typical, and usually gets a little worse before it gets better!  Wow, great news!  When we were leaving, the doctor said to "treat Joey as if she were a healthy baby, because she is!".  We are so thrilled, and want to thank everyone for their prayers!

Dear Jesus...Thank you so much for healing our beautiful daughter's heart!  You knew her name before she was born and she is a child made in your image.  Thank you for wrapping your loving arms around her little heart and forming it the way you did, and healing it the way you have!  You rock, and we know that this is a result of prayer and faith!  Thank you again :)  In your holy name I pray...Amen!

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rackersfamily said...

Praise The Lord! That is great news!