Thursday, December 18, 2008

Heart Check Up

I am so bad at this! I need to write more often so my posts don't have to be so gosh darn long :) anyhooooooo, on with the news!

We took Joey to the heart doc on Monday. I was anxious to see how the sonogram on her heart would go now that she's rolling all over the place. To my suspicion, it didn't go very well ...she was OK at first then she started moving, and crying, and wiggling, and crying...finally the sono tech said "well I guess that's as good as a picture we are gonna get today." We took Joey and waited on the doctor. Once she was off the table she was good! She wanted to stand up, and if any of you have held her lately, you know what I mean! This child never wants to sit! The doc evaluated the sonogram pics and let us know how she is doing. The Verdict is in, and she is improving!!! The hole in her heart is almost completely gone...its more of a flap now...this is a good thing! The valve is stable, and he is hopeful that it heals itself over time! We are not looking at surgery for either of these defects! Our God is good :) Thanks for everyone who prayed for our little princess! The peace we have had thru this whole thing is evidence that the prayers are working! We don't have to go back to the heart doc for another 6 months, so that is a good thing! She will be 1 year and 2 months at that point! Time sure does fly! Well, that's the update :)

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rackersfamily said...

That is such good news!
Merry Christmas!