Sunday, December 28, 2008

Joey's 1st Christmas

Joey's first Christmas was a huge success!  We started off the festivities at Aunt Lisa and Uncle Bret's for potato soup :)

Christmas Eve we went to Aunt Amy, Grandma Sharon, and Aunt Becky's house for dinner and presents with Johnny's side of the family!  Joey got a walking toy from Aunt Amy, and tons of cute clothes from the rest of the fam!  She had a great time opening gifts and slept really well that night!

I love Christmas!!

This bow came on one of Joey's gifts!  Johnny put it on her head :)

Christmas day we woke up and went to Aunt Vicky's house for breakfast and presents with my side of the family!  It was great, Joey got a super fun pop up toy from Nonny and Dedecek.  Vicky and I had one growing up, and we loved it too!  She also got some books, and some more super cute clothes!  This kid is outfitted for the next month in new clothes :)  

This is Joey's new trick!  She can stand for a long time :)  She loves it!

This is the toy Nonny and Dedecek gave Joey :)

Christmas night we went back to Grandmas and played Catch Phrase!  Love it!!! We still have 1 more Christmas to do up at my dad's in Texoma!  I can't wait to see them, and I know Joey is looking forward to it too!  I think that's it for now, will write more later :)


Laurie said...

What is the deal with the Halloween outfit on Baby's First Christmas? ;)

Looks like Joey was very pampered and loved~

Kelsey said...

We love the balancing trick too!!

Someone commented on my sister in laws blog that CPS should be called. hahaha whatever!