Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not so cool time change!!!

I'm sure all of you mothers out there just love this time change! Clearly I am joking! Joey is upstairs crying as I am typing this. She is so tired, but is having a hard time going to sleep because it is light in her bedroom. Some people may think she doesn't know the difference, but she is smart, and she does! She takes her nap in the light, and goes to sleep for the night in the dark! Last night it only took her 5 minutes to calm down, tonight it is taking a little bit longer :( I'm sure she will be fine, and it will only take a week or so to get her acclimated to the new time, but I wish there was a magic switch or that we had black out curtains! That would help :) Until we invest in those, here we are listening to a sad baby! Oh wait.....she just stopped!! Hooray!

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