Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st Day of School

So today was Joey's 1st day of Mother's Day Out, and it went really well!  It's at our church, so she is familiar with the building and I think that helps.

It all started with our parent homework :)  We had to make a place mat for Joey using the apple cut out and green paper above...anything else was up to us!  I added these pictures and this morning I let Joey put Dora stickers in the bottom right hand corner {that's right, I'm anal and wouldn't let my child put the stickers over her sister's face like she wanted to :)  "You can only put them here" I told her while pointing to the open spot!}.  This was laminated today and they use it when they eat :)

This morning Joey would not let me do her hair in any cute way so we just went down stairs and ate some waffles before we left the house. 

After dropping Sam off at Miss Holli's house, we headed to McFBC...when we pulled up I got out to get Joey and here she is saying "We at church Mommy?  I go school now!".

Here we are walking up to school.  She wouldn't stop to let me take a picture because she was too ready to get inside, so this is the best we got!  

Each kiddo has a box outside their class where they can put their stuff.  I asked Joey where her name was and she actually found it!  Fluke?? We will see on Thursday if it was!  We put her rest mat, naked baby, and her blanket in the bin and headed to the door.

I was happy that there were no tears today {unlike meet the teacher night}....Joey gave me a kiss, walked right in and looked back at me saying "Bye Mommy, I play with my friends now".  I was glad she was happy when I left...it made it a lot easier!

So I went to work and 5 hours later turned right back around to come get Joey from school.  When I got there she was waiting at the door because a few other mommies were picking up their little ones at the same time.  I talked to her teacher who said Joey had a great day!  We got a report for the day and it said that she went potty 3 times on the big potty, ate all of her snack and most of her lunch and slept a little over an hour during rest time!  Joey even told me she had fun, and I decided to start a new tradition each year....here's her 1st annual 1st Day of School interview :) {keep in mind, she's 2, so we didn't get tons of information out of her during the interview :]}

We ended the day at Baskin Robins!  Yummo :)

Here's to an awesome year!


Kelli Davis said...

Lord have mercy, I love that child. She's so smart!

Holly (me.) said...

What a great idea to interview Joey. As sweet as it is to watch that today, the collected works are going to be a real treasure. Smart Mama!

Laurie said...

that is SO cute!!! I love the interview. Precious. :)

Ashley Harris said...

oh my goodness... joey is sooo stinking cute! i love her personality