Monday, August 30, 2010

New Look....

So school is in the air at the Stout house...Johnny had his 1st week back at Walker Elementary, and Joey starts Mother's Day Out tomorrow!

So Johnny started school this week and from what he said, it went pretty well!  I'm sure he's gonna have a great year whipping those kiddos into shape :)  I can't wait for those kindergartners to be introduced to J Diddy the hip hop teacher extraordinaire!  I also look forward to getting texted pictures of him wearing the kids bows in his hair :)  He's such a great role model for these kids and they are lucky to have him in their lives!  Have a great year babe!

Now on to our little girl who is not so little anymore!  She starts Mother's Day Out at our church tomorrow!  We had meet the teacher last Thursday and met Miss Meggan and Miss Julie.  Joey cried when we first got to the room which is not like her at all!  Usually on Sundays she just walks right in and barely says bye to Johnny and me.  I think she freaked out because of all the parents in the room?!?  I hope that was it at least!  It's going to be no fun if all the pictures I take tomorrow are with a screaming 2 year old :)  We asked her teachers what you do with 2 year olds and they said they will be working on colors, numbers, letters, centers and more!  I know Joey is going to have a blast....did I mention that Joey is 1 of the 2 girls in her class of 10??  That's right folks, 2 girls and 8 boys!!  Can't wait to see how this year goes :)

So that's why the new look on the's all about school these days!  {If you are reading on facebook, pop on over to the real thing and check out the new scenery!!}

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