Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First trip to the Dentist

Since Joey is 3 now and has had all her teeth since forever, we finally buckled down, got some dental insurance this year and took her for her first visit!  Since I dont' really know anyone who has taken their little kids to the dentist in McKinney yet, I called my friend Cari who I used to coach with since she works for a pediatric dentist here in McKinney. She said come on in, and we got Joey all set up and ready to go!

For those of you who don't know our daughter very well, she likes to be informed of things beforehand.  She needs to know the plan, so I started telling her about the dentist and what they were going to do.  We have a Dora book that talks about the dentist too, so we had been reading that a lot as well!  It was all I could do to keep Johnny from scaring her...he hates the dentist!

The day of her appointment, I picked her up from school and away we went.  Holli was sweet enough to keep Sammy longer so I could focus on just Joey!  When I got to her school, she was so excited and told her teacher where we were going.  We got in the car and I reminded her of all the cool things we were about to do at the dentist!

When we got there we were greeted by a board with her name on it welcoming all the new friends :]

We waited in the comfy lobby....it's so cute...set up like a living room! There was coffee for the parents and PS2s for the kids to check out!  Joey was of course glued to the TV :]

We got called back super quick and Miss Erin talked to Joey about what was going to happen while she was getting her tools ready...

They even went over how to spell Erin's name because Joey needs to know these types of things :]

Joey was great during the entire cleaning!  She let Erin scrape and clean and poke and prod.  She even let Erin floss her teeth!

After the polish went on Joey's teeth, Erin put this sealant stuff on her teeth.  She said that we couldn't brush her teeth for 12 hours and that this stuff would help keep the sugar bugs away :]

When the cleaning was said and done, Joey said "thank you" and Erin asked her if she wanted to get some pictures made of her teeth.  Joey said sure and walked away with Erin hand in hand!  I wasn't allowed to go to the x-ray room, but Joey went without me like the big girl she's becoming!

My friend Cari brought her back in and we waited on the dentist to stop in.  He looked at her x-rays and checked in her mouth.  She had NO CAVITIES!!!!  They call them sugar bugs :]  Anyway, I was stoked!  We've been doing something right!  He told me that her front teeth had very short roots and a good fall or kick to the mouth could knock those suckers right out.  He said not to worry if this did happen, but he didn't want them to come out until she was 5 or so!

As I was taking care of the bill {$0....I love insurance}, Joey went with Cari to get a prize.  She came back with 2 bouncy balls.....1 for her and 1 for Sammy.  Once we were outside she reevaluated and decided that both balls were for her :]

We go back in 6 months, and here's praying we have another good visit!

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Holly (me.) said...

Glad Joey had a positive experience and no sugar bugs!