Sunday, October 16, 2011

We've Been Busy!

So sorry that I haven't been keeping everyone up to speed on the Stout happenings...we have been super busy these days!  I can't remember a weekend where we didn't have anything to do!  We recently did have a free weekend, and we took advantage of the time and went to visit Aunt Amy and my cousins Paige and Buddy in Houston!  It was a great time with family! We slept in, ate in and watched TV.  Super lazy and relaxed!  We got to see my 2nd cousin in her cheer show off, and play with all her American Girl dolls too!  Here are some pics from our weekend :] 

Pit Stop on the way to Aunt Amy's

There was a pumpkin setting outside the gas station...why not?

She loves her sister!!

Yay!  Pizza picnic night in Houston!!

Savannah, our super sweet niece!  She was so good all weekend :]

Sammy loved scooting on all the tile :]

Joey was up on this ladder all weekend helping Aunt Amy make us yummy food!


BOOM, too much fun....asleep

Amy brought out her bin of goodies including barbies, cabbage patch kids and more!  This was in addition to the fun gifts she got the girls!  Sammy got a new baby, and Joey got Barbie and Ken dolls!

Seriously this kid is so cute! She was such a great baby all weekend...she just plays and plays, and if she cries it cause she's hungry or tired, and that was it!!  I sure loved getting my Savannah snuggles!

Bye Houston! We will come back again soon!

I didn't get any pics from visiting with my cousins, but it was a great time to get caught up and check in on everyone!  We even got to see my cousin Mckenzie do her little cheer show off, so that was fun!  It was great to see Paige and Buddy, and share in the victories over Buddy's health!  And Nonny was there too!!!  We love y'all and can't wait till we see each other again!

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Holly (me.) said...

Sounds like a great road trip :)