Thursday, April 26, 2012

Craft Night :]

So I wanted to get the girls together for a little crafting, wine, food and fun mainly because I had some stuff to get done and needed a little friend motivation!  We all had our projects that we wanted to do, so everyone came over and we got em done!  There was some learning curve and even a surprise along the way!

Here's Liz getting ready to sew Willa a new dress.....  

Amanda was making stuff for Madison's party on her Cricut....

 Kristen took a chance and learned how to sew!  She came with 2 projects in mind...reveal later :]

 Kelli was ready to learn how to sew as well, and since the machine was giving us some troubles, she had to hand sew some ribbons on her project....

 Make sure to measure twice and cut once :]  

Craft night was going great, we were sewing, cutting and having a great time chatting!  All of a sudden I realized we hadn't even cracked open the wine yet!  Now Kelli's on a diet, Kristen doesn't drink, and Liz brought some white wine {yuck} so I looked to Amanda to share my red.  I asked if she wanted a glass and she said something like "no thanks".  I said "why not?????". And she innocently said "I'm pregnant".

Jaws drop and screaming commence!  Liz said "how can I even sew after that?".  Check out the faces of our reaction to the great news.....

I can't tell you how excited I am for you Amanda!!!!  What a blessing baby #4 will be!  I know you weren't expecting this and we know God laughs at your timing and plans all the time, but I also know that God is in control and his blessing will rain down on you and this new baby!!!  I can't wait to meet him or her :]

Here's the first Baby Bump pic!!!!!

That was the surprise, now back to craft night.....

Check out that technique :]

 I had to get in on that cricut action making some stuff for my friend Tonya's baby shower!

Here's some of the finished products......

Kristen and baby Luedke #4 modeling the bubble skirt Kristen made for Sophie!

Here's the dress Liz made for Willa Bean :]

 Love this lady!!!

Kelli modeling her crib teething pads for Brewer's crib!

 And Kristen with project #2....a nursing cover for her friend's baby shower :]

The girls stayed over until about Midnight and we had tons of fun!  Our next craft night is coming in May and I can't wait to create more fun things!  I wonder if there will be any fun announcements made in May?


Holly (me.) said...

Your craft night is way more exciting than any I've attended. Ever. BTW, that little dress is just darling.

Holly (me.) said...

No Dolly Craft Night pics?