Monday, November 12, 2007

Round liga what????

So yesterday we had a cheer competition on my old North Texas college campus! The girls did awesome, and for some reason I was super hungry the whole I ate. By the end of the night I had this shooting pain in my lower right abdomen. I was fine when sitting, but when I extended my right leg or stood up after sitting for a while, I was in pain...alot of it! I asked my Sister In Law Lisa what she thought of it, and she said, "welcome to pregnancy...the baby is growing, and that's what happens". I decided to sleep it off and leave well enough alone. Sleep, however is not what occurred. I was up 1/2 the night with this pain still shooting me in my side, and I could not get comfortable. I contemplated waking my sleeping hubby to go to the ER it hurt that bad. I decided to tough it out till the morning, but at 7:30a the pain was still there and I couldn't stand up straight. I called Lisa again because she recently had appendicitis and I wanted to seek her wise council again! She said to call my OB and if they didn't call back to go to the ER. Johnny took the day off because we were both envisioning our day at Allen Presbyterian waiting for our diagnosis, possibly surgery. Well, after getting dressed and ready, the pain got better. We decided rather than dropping the cash at the ER we would just go to the OB and have them check me 1st, then if they recommended us to go, we would buckle up and head that way! My OB ruled out appendicitis because the pain had dulled. I could now stand straight :) I got weighed in; still no weight gain, gave a sample, listened to the babies heartbeat (again, coolest thing ever, and it's at 143), then waited for an answer. Long story long, I have Round Ligament Pain. This is a ligament that is attaches your pelvis to your groin area. With all the moving and climbing of stairs at the competition, mine has been severely agitated. The doc ordered rest today, and that a heating pad be attached to my hip area today. We got home and Johnny started searching the web to find out about this medical marvel he hadn't yet heard of. Low and behold it does exist, and usually happens in pregnant women who have been recently active. It is also most common in the lower right abdomen. So here we both are at the house. Johnny and I both woke up from our 3-hour nap, and now he is getting ready for work at EWA!! Just thought I'd update you all :) I will be back at work tomorrow, but Johnny has advised me to take it easy, as ligament pulls are not quickly healed (he and my Bro in Law were Kinesiology majors at North Texas, which qualifies them both, or at least makes them both feel like it's ok, to give semi medical advise to those in pain :) Regardless I'll take the advise! This baby is amazing but it's doing weird stuff to my body :(

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