Friday, November 2, 2007

Rubberbands are a miracle!!

So I found out today that my pants are getting a little snug :( I am fine to button them while standing, but when I sit, they hurt my tummy!! So I remembered a suggestion that I'm really not sure who to give the credit to, but here goes....Take a rubber band, loop it through the button hole, and then attach the other end to the button! This is a lifesaver, as it gives me another 2 inches on the waistline of my jeans. :) Now usually at work I am wearing sweat pants, and this is not a necessary daily tactic, but on the weekend, I like to wear what I call "real clothes", and I am getting too big for them :( Everyone keeps reassuring me that I am getting bigger because the baby is growing and blah, blah, blah.....Johnny put it best tonight when he said that I was upset about the rubber band because I had the disillusioned mind to think that I was going to fit into my size zeros throughout my entire pregnancy. He is right!! I know plenty of people who wear their very own clothing right up to the date of the birth. These people are usually tall, and the baby has some legroom in their mommy’s bodies. I can only imagine how cramped the living space is inside my 4'11" body. This is why my pants are snug at 14 weeks, the baby is getting bigger and needs some space, and so it's just going right on ahead and making some! I guess I can't blame it, I gotta have that legroom too!! So here's to the pack of multi sized rubber bands I am about to purchase, may you keep my in my size zeros for just a little bit longer :)

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