Friday, February 27, 2009

Just some pics to get you through the weekend!

So every once in a while we have an impromptu photo shoot at the Stout house :) Here are some of the results of one of the many photo sessions! By the way, these pants are supposed to be capri pants...welcome to my world Joes!

She's about to cry for some reason, but I posted this because you can 4 of her teeth! She has 5 in and 2 more about to poke through!

This kind of hand gesture could get you shot in my family.....everyone's blood runs Burnt Orange :) Watch it sister!

No bib...yay!

She's thinking she wants to climb the stairs...see the video below to see how hat adventure turned out!

Joey is so much fun these days! She is starting to wave "bye bye". It's a bit inconsistent, but we capture that in this video :) Sorry for the no so steady hand in this shot, I was laying on my tummy on the landing of our stairs...not the best angle, but the girl needed some motivation!

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rackersfamily said...

Time for a baby gate!! ;)
Yes, the trick is to strip them down. We gave up trying to use a bib... both my kids would just pull them off and then ruin their shirts... we learned the hard way!