Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Car Trouble :(

So my car has been acting weird since we got Joey's blood taken last Friday. We took it to NTB to get a long over due oil change, and it was still acting funny. We got it in to Carmax Monday and it was ready to be picked up today! We took a detour on the way to pick up my car and headed to Willowbend mall where there is an Apple store :) It was crazy busy, so we didn't get anything or talk to anyone. We ended up heading to the food court for some grilled cheese sandwiches. After that we let Joey play on the playground. She loved it! Here are a few pics.....

The Hot sauce lid :) The playground has a food theme!

How bout some steak??

Oops, sliding down the plate!

Trying to get into the spoon...

This is how daddy likes his eggs...yuck!
Well, once we were done, we got my car, and it is running like new! I had to get some coil thingy and a tune up! All in all, a great day for the Stouts!

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Kelsey Smith said...

Her climbing in the spoon made me smile ;). Also, so thankful your car is up and running like normal!