Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great Weekend!!

So this weekend was awesome! Johnny went back to school this week, and he survived, but was in need of some reebs and wings, so we started out at Hooters on Friday night with our dear friends Brian and Kelly...Holler!!! Grandma had Joey, and it was fun to go out and eat wings and drink some reebs without the baby! After that we ventured to the PGA store. If you have never made it to this place, you have to go! It is so much fun to just walk around and putt, chip or even hit drivers! Not a golfer? There is a full sized tennis court inside too! We went and picked up Joes, headed home and fell fast asleep!!

Saturday was great too! Joey let us sleep in till 8:30 which was nice! Thanks Joey :) We got up, made some cinnamon rolls, then got on the bikes to head to the church. I had Christmas Festival tryouts, and while I was singing, Joey and Johnny played on the new toddler playground at church. I came out to join them when I was done. The playground is awesome, and just the right size for Joey! She can go down all the slides on her own because they aren't too slick! Here is a picture of her playing in a little play house they have a the park too!

We rode home and took a nap! Joey slept about 3 hours, and Johnny and I slept about 2 :) It was great! We woke up and ate some lunch, then headed to the new splash park in town. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it was fun, and Joey had a blast! We even ran into our friend Kelly and his kiddos Carter and Hannah! Here are some pics of Joey and Johnny enjoying the splash park...

We got home ate dinner and put Joey to bed! I have been on a brownie kick this summer, so I made some of those! YUM!!!

Today we woke up, went to church (awesome message Rafe...always hits you right where it counts :), came home, took a nap, went to Stonebriar to check out the new Apple store (it's awesome), came home, and lastly went to Fuddruckers! Phew...that was a lot :) Here is a pic of Joey enjoying her fries dipped in ketsup! She insisted on dipping them herself, and she did a pretty good job!

So that's it for now! What a great weekend..we didn't have to be anywhere, didn't have to do anything! We thank God for these weekends, as they are few and far between these days!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Love me some Fuddruckers!! Gabe and I use to eat there ALL the time when we were dating since there was one right by SMU. Good times :)

Looks like ya'll had such a good time! Squeeze that little girl for me :)

Kelli Davis said...

So we went back to PGA Superstore on Saturday, and Brian found a used wedge that he liked better than any of the new ones- for $30!!! Yeah!! Happy Birthday, BD!

Christie said...

Sounds like we need to tag along with you guys during the weekends. =) I needed to go to the Apple store but I was afraid they would be to busy with it being their opening weekend. Where is that splashpark at? We might have to go try it out sometime soon.

rackersfamily said...

There are a ton of places to stay at Lake Ouachita... really Hot Springs has a ton of hotels. We have just ALWAYS gone to Shangri La and they know us by name. If you don't stay there... at least eat at the cafe. Sundays they have awesome fried chicken and thier pies are to die for!