Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Joey's 15 month check up

Hi everyone, here we are again. A few months have gone by and another well visit has come and gone! Joey has gone up in her percentiles from her 1 year check up...if you feel the need to compare, here is the 1 year post. Her weight is 19.11 lbs (6th percentile), her Height is 29 inches (9th percentile), and her head circumference is 18 inches (41st percentile). The doctor says that she is growing right along and doing the things she should be doing!

The doctor was a little concerned about a few things. She thinks that Joey is showing some signs of Turner's Syndrome so we have to take Joey for some chromosome testing. This means that we have to get her blood drawn so that they can test it for TS. So, Johnny took her to get blood drawn today after her nap. They stuck her in both arms, and she wouldn't bleed :( They said this is normal, and we have to come back tomorrow or Friday to try again! So we shall see! Just so ya'll know, Johnny and I aren't worried about this possible diagnosis. My sister-in-law has Turner's Syndrome. She is an awesome woman who is recently married and living life normally! I know it can seem scarey when they throw words like syndrome and symptoms around, but we have faith in our Lord that he won't give us or Joey anything beyond what we can handle, even if that means her having TS! He is her maker and knows better than any of us how to take care of Joey, so we are letting Him guide us! We will keep ya'll updated, but in the mean time, here are some pictures of our little cutie!!

Just like mommy, her pants are too long :)

Here she is chillin in the garage :) She's got her pink chair and her phone, what else do you need??

Johnny says in this one all she needs now is a cool beverage :)


Kelsey Smith said...

We will be praying for peace during her testing! That can not be fun for little Joey and a little stressful on Momma, but she is in His hands!!!

Kelli Davis said...

Hi!! I miss you already and can't believe I'm missing a special lunch life group!

Thanks for sharing about Joey's potential challenge- we'll be praying hard for peace and wisdom on everyone's part.

She looks so chill in the pool picture- so cute!!

Love you!


Growing Green Grass in Grace said...

Praying for you all. And what you said is so right, Amen! He knows! He is good ALL THE TIME! We love you guys.....will be watchign for updates. She sure is cute in that pink chair and looking like a princess in the pool