Tuesday, October 5, 2010

4 Months :)

Sammy is officially 4 months old and doing great!  She has some allergies like her momma {even though the doc says she's too young for allergies, I know in my heart of hearts that's what it is}, but other than that, she's awesome!

We took Sam to the doctor today for her checkup and shots, and our doctor was actually sick so we had to see the Nurse Practitioner :(  We were bummed because we wanted to hear Dr Frank's take on Sam's test results being negative for Noonan's.  Oh well....here's the stats.....

Weight - 10lbs 14ozs {4th %ile, down from 16th %ile}}
Length - 23inches {11th %ile, down from 23rd %ile}
Head Circumference - 15 1/2 inches {11th %ile, same as before}

The nurse said that she wasn't worried about the drop in percentage, so I guess we won't worry about it either!  She said she could hear Sam's heart murmur and asked if we were aware of it :)  We sure are, thanks for checking!! :)  She also told us since Sammy is really good at holding her head up, we can start her on cereal!!  We are going to start her with her night time feeding and see how she handles that.  If she does OK, we will add a morning feeding.  She's growing up so fast! Who knew our little NICU baby would be right on track??

Sad fact...Sam had to get shots today :(  She got over it super quick, but just look at those sweet little legs :(

Sam is doing lots of cool things these days....here are a few....

 grabbing for things
smiling a ton
rolling from belly to back both directions
sleeping through the night
trying to hold her bottles
loves when I sing to her {she kicks and coos...my heart melts :]}
loves her sister
takes naps in her crib

I feel like there are more, I just can't remember them right now!  

Sammy, you are a complete joy to our family!  We love how you smile for no reason, and how you are so good natured!  God has truly blessed us, and I can't imagine life without you!

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