Friday, October 8, 2010

Sam vs. Cereal

So tonight Joey is spending the night at my parent's house, so Johnny and I thought we would take it upon ourselves to date night it up!!  What did we do with Sam you ask??  Well, since she doesn't really talk, we just took her with us, so it was really a psuedo date, but whatever, we didn't have to pick crayons up off the floor and monitor cups filled with water, and all the other fun toddler stuff, so we will call it a date :)  We went to Gloria's which is now in Allen!!  The food was awesome, and we love their blackbean dip!!!

And their margarita's {we now know} are very strong and only $3 from 3p-6p :]  I got yummy chicken flautas, and Johnny got chicken fajitas!  It was so yummy, I am so glad they are in Allen now!!

After that we went to Best Buy and looked at cases for the iPad, and we also got this little gem...

....and with a coupon Amanda told me about, we only paid $15 for it!!!  Hurry people, it's only out of the Disney vault for so long!!!  Let me know if you want the's only good till the 12th of October, so act quick!!

Once we got home, we decided to go ahead and get Sammy started on her oatmeal's how it went down...

Strapped in and not quite sure what's about to go on :)

Yummo :]

There's stuff all over me !!!

Here's a painfully long video :] Feel free to watch it, feel free to not watch it!  She tried really hard!

After Sammy's cereal, I gave her a bath, fed her and now she's sleeping!  It's really weird to only have to check on one kiddo at night!  Oh well, I know Joey is having fun at her grandparent's!! Johnny's at hockey, and I just finished P90X Legs and Back workout!!  I'm ready to go to bed :)  

Hope you had a great night like us!!

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I can't get over how similar the girls look! Just beautiful blessings!