Monday, March 7, 2011

Sick Sammy

So we've been nursing our sick Sammy the past few days and that's why we've been a bit absent from the blog :] 

 I took her to the doctor last Tuesday because she was pulling on her right ear.  She had snot, but we all do in this house, and it was running clear.  Honestly we just didn't want her little ear tug to become a big bad ear infection so we took her in as a precaution.  Boy are we glad we did!  Sammy ended up having a sort of "baby bronchitis", and a double ear infection to boot :[  We were quickly prescribed a steroid, breathing treatments, and an antibiotic.  My heart sunk and I felt like the worst parent ever!!  I told that to our doc and she said had we come in 2 days prior they may have thought it to be a cold and sent us on our way only to end up back in the doc office a few days later.  That made me feel a bit better, but I can't believe she was that sick and still playing, laughing, rolling, and being herself other than the ear tugging!!!  I hear of kids who scream when they have ear infections, and both of our girls handle them like champs...we've never had an issue...which is a good and bad thing I guess...good that we don't have to listen to them scream...bad that we don't catch them early because of the lack of signs!  Anyway, Sam is on the mend and we are done with her breathing treatments and steroids! We have her 9 month well visit tomorrow and we will see how she's doing.  I just hate when the babies are sick!  It's no fun and I just wish they could tell you what hurts ya know?  

Anywho, here's some pics of our super fun breathing treatments that we are now done with....

She did surprisingly well with the breathing treatments and just let you put the mask on her face and she sit relatively still for the 15 minutes 3 times per day for 5 days!  What a good girl :]

{A special thanks to the Luedke's who let us borrow their nebulizer so we didn't have to buy one of our own!!  Love you guys!!!}

Like I said, her 9 month appointment is tomorrow so we will be back with some stats and good stuff then!!

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