Saturday, March 12, 2011

Super Babies {Sam's 1st Gymnastics Class}

So Sammy had her first gymnastics class on Friday!  It was at my work Eagle's Wings Athletics and it was so much fun!  What was more fun was that 3 of my friends joined us with their bambinos too!!!

Amanda and Ben, Liz and Willa, Carolyn and Isaiah, and me and Sammy

gotta get stretched out!!

apparently I thought something was funny :]

go Ben!!!

We rolled on mats..on their tummies then side to side like this :]

Who knew that these old roomies would end up raising our babies together :] So fun!!!

Ben and Isaiah were bonding, they even wrote the same onesie :]  Pretty sure they planned it :]

We also worked on some flips!!!  Go Isaiah!!

Here's a class pic!

Obviously Willa was worn out from our class!

The class was super fun and we even got to jump on trampoline with our little ones.

While the babies were busy being super, the older siblings got to play in the gym with Coach Kassandra!  All in all it was fun and I can't wait for next month's workshop!

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