Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snack Trap

Sammy is getting bigger and she is eating real foods these days in addition to her baby food and oatmeal.  Some of the things she loves are real peas, cheerios, cut up fruit of any kind, mashed potatoes, and bread.  She's been doing really well and hasn't been gagging or choking on her foods so I gave her some cheerios in a snack trap and went on about my business {taking pictures} that is!  For those of you who don't know what a snack trap is, check it out in all it's greatness....

"Hey, what's this??"

"Totally cool mom!  I get a snack just like sister!"

"Oh No!!!  My cheerios fell out!"

"No problem, I'll just eat them off the's clean right?"

"MMMMMMMM, these are good!!!!"

"Like oh my gosh, there's more!"

"Let me try this thing again...."

"I'm getting so big Mommy!"

And there you have it.  Snack Trap.....hand goes in and grabs the food, and the lid keeps food in as long as your child doesn't grab onto one of the flaps and shake it upside down :]

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