Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1st Summer Swim

So with it being the last week of school and all, Johnny and I are in Summer mode already!  It started the other day with our pink pool.....

.....and was going to continue on Memorial Day until Joey got carsick :[  Well, we thought she got carsick! What started as a little carsick at 8am lasted until about 8pm when Joey sat up and declared "I sure am thirsty!!!".  Then a few short minutes later she declared "I'm so hungry!!!".  We gave her some sprite and cheerios and she kept it down :]  I went ahead and kept her home the next day and she got to watch Dora to her hearts content while I worked from home!

Well, that night, she had been feeling well, and she took a great nap, so we decided to take the girls for our first Summer swim in the big pool at our town homes.  Here we go....

I love how Sammy is trying to get a peek of her sister whom she adores!!!

No one was at the pool....I wonder why??

Johnny takes the first dive :]

It's a bit chilly :]  Maybe that's why no one is here???

Joey loves the pool!!  Hoping she will swim this year!!

Sammy was indifferent....didn't love it, didn't hate it :]

There are no pics of me, but I did get in!  It wasn't super cold, but it was  a little breath taking at first plunge. Here's to a Summer filled with chlorine, sun screen, girly giggles, bubble blowing and popsicles!
What are your plans for the Summer??

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