Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Made it a Year!!!

That's right folks, Sammy is a year old and we celebrated our little hearts out!  It's hard to believe that just a year ago, our sweet girl was in the NICU and I was checking to see how long our insurance would let me stay in the hospital because Sammy wasn't able to come home with us :[  It was a weird thing to have a baby and not get to take her home when we left the hospital! For Sammy's birth story, click here......for Sammy's NICU posts, click here!  She's been such a blessing to our family this year, and I just love the dynamic she adds to the Stout family.

Since our family and friends are so many, we decided to split up Sammy's party into 2 dinner and friend party!  It was a great time, and we had a blast!  Here's some pics from our family party on Sammy's actual bday...

Aunt Vicky and Ricky came by to say happy bday to Sammy :]  Isn't my nephew so cute???

Yummy cake!!  Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!

Here's Sammy's little smash cake :]

All the cousins brought their bikes and scooters, and went to town :]  Our back ally is great to riding!

{aunt lisa would be proud of the helmet :]}

Then it was cake time!!  

hmmmmm, what's this???

Daddy had to help get her going :]

Then she got the hang of it :]

When the cake was gone, she started in on the plate :]

It was fun to be with the family!  Our friend party was today, and it was a great time too!

Yay!!!  my friends are over :]

Kiddie Korner

Little banner on the cupcake stand :]

So we live in a town home as most of you know, but that didn't stop us from having an awesome outside party!  We just filled up the kiddie pools in the side yard, put up the volleyball net, turned on the sprinkler and had a great time!

Brewer brought the "boy" pool :]

Sammy just loves her Holli, and so do we!!!

It's my bday and I love it out here :]

I get more cake??  Sweet!!!

Joey Barr was chasing the kids with the sprinkler :]

Well, we had a great time celebrating Sammy's bday!  We are loving the girl she's turning out to be!  She's so crazy and not scared of anything!  She's really on the move these days, and I'm going to close this post with a video of her movin' right along :]  No walking yet, but check it out anyway!!  Thanks for all the awesome gifts and calls and cards from everyone, we love y'all and Sammy does too!!!

Happy Birthday sweet you!!!

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Liz Rock said...

We love you Sammy! Our little NICU baby! Can't wait to watch you grow and grow!