Sunday, September 16, 2012

Labor Day 2012

This past Labor Day we decided to head down to Richardson {sounds like it's far right?!?  Only 30 minutes tops :]} to see my parents!  Johnny had tons of work to do for school, so I packed up the girls and we made it a mommy daughters day!  We got to Nonny and Dedecek's around 10a and chatted with Great Mother {this is what my kids call my mom, Bigman and Grandmother}!

 Bigman pulled out the sprinkler so the girls could run around for a minute and cool off.  Joey was having a moment and only wanted to go in after Sammy was almost done :] { I love you Joey, but let's face it, you don't like change sweet girl and when I told you we left our sprinkler at home and were going to use Nonny and Dedecek's, you kinda went sour :[}  They had a blast...I mean who doesn't running through water on a hot day?



After sprinkler time, we loaded up the car once more and went to Chili's for lunch :]  Yummy!!!  At Chili's they are doing their fundraiser for St. Jude Hospital.  The girls could color a chili pepper to be hung if we made a donation.  Joey was all about it an colored her chili....only when it was time to hand the pic over, she decided maybe we should just give the money and she would keep the picture for herself :]

After lunch it was daddy daughter craft time!  I saw this idea on some website and decided my dad and I could make this for way less than $44.95!  Bigman and I went to Home Depot and got some wood, came home and sketched it out! 

Now it's time to cut it out!  Not sure how he does it, but Bigman is handy with the tools and cut all this detail out in no time!

Bam!  Finished product!  Our last name is Stout and this letter will be hanging on our door or on a wall in our home very soon!  I actually waiting so long to get this post done because I wanted a finished pic for the post, but I have not gotten around to it just yet, so I'll post that as an update later!

While Bigman and I were outside cutting the S out {OK, so Bigman cut, I watched and offered bottled water and words of encouragement :]} mom took the girls inside for some rest time which means they watched some Dora and layed on the couch :]

Once Bigman and I were done with our craft project, I rounded up the girls to head home!  Obviously they had fun because they were zonked out in the backseat before I got out of the neighborhood!  For Sammy that's not a big deal...the kid can fall asleep in a car, but for Joey who never falls asleep in the car, this was huge :]

So how was your labor day?  Did you do anything fun?  Did you stay in?  Can you even remember back 2 weeks ago??  Stay tuned for a post on the final S project!  Hopefully coming soon :]

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