Saturday, September 8, 2012

1st Day of School 2012-2013

Well, after 2 weeks of school, things have finally settled down long enough for me to write about the girls 1st day of school :]  Both Joey and Sammy are attending Our Savior Lutheran in McKinney and they are both loving it!

For the first day of school, I got up with the girls and made them yummy waffles, got them dressed and we were out the door in record time!

 We let the girls pick out their cloths everyday and this is what they came up with!  Perfect!!

I decided to get a little crazy and in hindsight, this probably wasn't the best idea, but I interviewed the girls on the way to school...yes, I was driving...yes, I know I shouldn't have, but it's cute, so I'm posting it :]

I felt like a crazy lady carrying all their supplies, rest mats, back packs, kids...they actually carried their own bags and they walked, but my hands were full.

I dropped Joey off first and we got all her supplies in her locker, put her snack and drink on top of the locker and she sat down at her table ready to worries, not a tear, just a "bye mom, bye sis".  I do love that about our kids!  When all the other kids are crying and ours just walk in and tell us "bye" it makes me feel good.

Next was Sammy's drop off...her class is on the other end of the school and she is SLOW, but we eventually got there.  We got all her stuff in her hallway cubby and I knocked on the locked door to her class room {all doors are locked on the outside so people can't come in and steal your kids :]}.  The door was opened by her teacher Miss Beth and in went Sammy....I asked if they needed anything else and Miss Beth who was blocking the door so that 3 screaming children wouldn't escape said "nope, see you at 2:15" and closed the door.  It was at this moment I was glad to not be "one of those parents" who was shedding tears as their little ones toddled into their class.  Since Sammy snuck past, I didn't get a hug or kiss...nothin!  Oh well, such is life and I would have been blocking in those kids too, so kudos to Miss Beth :]

Anyway, I went to work and came back to get the girls.  There is a playground on the property of their school, so I took the girls over there since their teachers said they had a great day!

We played, we sweated and we left :]  When we got home, I decided to do our annual first day of school interviews...
Joey went first...

Joey 4 
 Sammy went second...
Sammy 2 

If you want to check out Joey's previous years, you can go here for 2 years old and here for 3 years old.  It's fun to look back and see how much Joey has changed and how different she and Sammy are :]

We are praying for a blessed year at OSL and are excited to see what the girls are going to learn!

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