Monday, September 17, 2012

So Glad It's Monday!

I know, that's so counter cultural, but if you knew the kind of weekend we had, you'd be happy too!  I'm about to clue you in on how this weekend wend down at the Stout house but before I do, I want to warn you that it involves lots of throw up and bugs.....this is not for the faint hearted, so if that's you, turn away now and ask me for the censored version later :]

Alright, here we go...

Friday in our home is pizza picnic Friday.  We always watch a  movie and we either make pizza or purchase it to be eaten in our living room on our picnic blanket during the movie. This week was no different except we added a little something special...we decided to make some home made cookies after the food was done!  I got a lot of comments and likes on this picture of little Sammy making sure the cookies were cooking correctly...

We played with the kids after 2 cookies each then put them to bed!  Johnny and I watched the movie Hugo...if you haven't seen it, you should!  It was really good...our kids are a little young for it even though it's PG and I'm glad we decided to wait till they went to be to watch...I won't spoil it for you :]

 Once our movie was done, Johnny and I decided to watch a couple episodes of the Big Bang Theory...we love that show!

Anywho, around midnight, we decided to head to bed...Johnny decided to check on the kids while I went to brush my teeth.  I hear him call for me and he tells me to stay out of the kids room.  Turns out Sammy is asleep on her tummy with puke all around her {I don't do well with puke smell}.  It was on her sheets, on the wall, on the floor, on was everywhere and she was long had she been asleep in her own puke??  HOw did we not hear her get sick? Why didn't Joey come get us {they share a room}?  We felt so guilty!!

Johnny stripped Sam, put her in the bath and got most of the nasty off of her then handed the bath duties off to me....I bathed her and washed her hair out while Johnny stripped the sheets and moved Joey into the boys room so she could continue to sleep and get out of the smelly room!  We got Sammy dressed and set up the Stout infirmary down stairs.  The Infirmary consists of our love seat covered in every beach towel we own along with a puke bucket and a blankie.  We get a few jammie shirts and washrags anticipating that she will get sick again, which she did :[

I tried to calm her down and get her to go back to sleep in the infirmary all the while, Johnny is upstairs with the Lysol, Resolve and elbow grease! The washing machine started up and little did we know, it wasn't going to get a rest this entire weekend...more on that later!

Sammy got sick again and then around 2am, she fell asleep and Johnny was done cleaning {I need to take a moment to say I have the best husband EVER!!!}.  He came downstairs and sent me upstairs to get some sleep {I had a headache all day :[ and it wasn't getting any better!}.  Again, best hubby ever!!

Around 4am I get a tap on the shoulder..."Babe, I need you to go downstairs, the smoke detector is beeping and we don't have any 9 volt batteries...I need to run to WalMart."  I get up and head downstairs and dose in and thing I know, I wake up to go get my own pillow from my bed and Johnny was home and upstairs...he traded places with me and I got to sleep in the bed while he took couch and puke duty.

We all woke up on Saturday and had a lazy day...Sammy threw up for the last time at 8am.  We missed Isaiah's bday party, but we got to snuggle and watch movies all day while Sammy fell in and out of sleep...

Sammy was up and asleep and up and asleep...finally she woke up hungry!  She wasn't too excited that we limited her water and food intake...sorry Sammy :[

Like I sad, we took Saturday easy...Joey and I did get out of the house for a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and Walmart {Jo has had a little cough for the past few days so we went to get some Tussin :]}.

Later that night, we bathed the girls and got them ready for bed...we read stories and I looked over and Joey was really scratching her head.  I looked into her hair and discovered moving BUGS....GROSSSSSSSS!!!  This time I was calling Johnny.."Babe, look in her hair and tell me that's not lice.".  Johnny responded with an affirmative on the lice front and I got up and left the room...didn't say a word, just left to go to the store for some lice shampoo.

We got through treating the girls around 9:30pm.  While I was gone, Johnny did more laundry...not only the girls bed linens, but the boys since Joey had slept there on Friday night, and ours just in case.  We had to crank the heat on our washer and dryer in order to kill all bugs and eggs that might be lurking in our house!

After the second time we got the girls ready for bed, Johnny treated my hair.  That's love people!  When you spend your Saturday night de lousing your wife, you are AMAZING!!!  Later he said he never saw anything in my hair, but better safe than sorry!!!

We finished up the weekend by watching church from our couch.  I'm so glad we can do that!  If you ever need to, just click on and join us!  Anyway, we were in no state to get out of the house, so we stayed in!

Johnny's mom had us over for dinner on Sunday!  What a blessing that was!  Then we headed up to the church for Financial Peace University with our Life Group!  

So.....The Stouts are glad it's Monday! I hope you had a better weekend than we did, and if you made it to the end of this story, you rock!  I mainly wanted to jot this down for my own recollection :]

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Jackie said...! I am so grossed out by lice! sounds like you managed it well as a team! I love the picture and your reflection in the oven glass :)