Wednesday, December 19, 2007


So I finally hit the 100.00 mark!! I went to my doctor's appointment today and weighed in at 100.00!!! My doctor said that everything looked good. She had evaluated the sonograms and all is well. She asked me if I had any questions, problems or anything that I wanted to discuss. I told her how blessed I feel and that nothing was bothering me. She did say that I need to start gaining weight :( I have only gained 1 pound and that is not good enough for her I guess, so her solution is to add 500 calories to my diet each day. That's alot!! She said I need to drink a protien shake or something per day. Not the half that I would usually drink, but a whole protien shake...that's what Johnny drinks! Well I guess I can try. So expect those baby bumps to start looking bigger soon I guess. Other than that everything is "textbook" she said....I guess that's a good thing?? Stay tuned for more updates.....

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