Friday, December 14, 2007

It's a.......

So today Johnny and I woke up with a pep in our step :) This is the day we got to find out what sex the baby is!!!! We went to the doc, and had to wait a little bit..once we got called in I was weighed...98.8lbs...then we went to the sonogram room. The tech had me lay on the table and reveal the belly! She said she was going to take some measurements of the baby, and that they usually don't like that, so it causes them to move around hopefully revealing weather it's a boy or a girl! We got to see all 4 chambers of the heart beating at 144 bpm, we saw the right and left side of the brain, the kidney's, the bladder, the stomach, and so much more!! It was crazy how much we could see, our baby is so miniature right now!! So like predicted, our baby didn't like being poked, proded and moved around. We got to see the goods, and we are having a GIRL!!!! I started to tear up and Johnny was beaming from ear to ear!! We got some great pics and The are under our Sonogram section!!! We are going to name her Josephine Leigh Stout and call her Joey. Read the blog below for the origin of her name! Well, here we go, the journey just got more interesting!!

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