Monday, February 23, 2009

10 months old!

Today Joey is 10 months old!  I can't believe how fast these months have gone by!  We are already starting to plan her 1st Birthday Party....yikes!  Anyway, here are some recent pics...enjoy!

Joey's pants are quite the issue these days :)  These are also for kids 6 months old!


jbnm   .......Joey just typed those letters!  Now she's crying because she wants the computer!

Here is Joey at the park in her Dallas Stars Hat :)


The Lanoy Family said...

My kids pants never fit them either jacob is just now getting into 18 month but I have to make sure his pants have the adjustable waist always look for those they will save you I know old navy pants and children place pants have them. good luck.

Laurie said...

That Cheese Picture is PRICELSS!

Kelli Davis said...

Well, hello, new Stout blog look!!! I love it!! It looks like you... Maybe the orange reminds me of your house... :)