Tuesday, February 3, 2009

9 month appointment..........

So yesterday we took Joey in for her 9 month check up. The Doc said she looked great and seems to be right on track with kids her own age as far as growth and development. She is 16lbs 10oz, and 26 3/4 inches tall! Her weight is in the 10th percentile which means that 10% of babies her age weigh what she weighs. The Doc said this is not a bad thing, she is happy and healthy and the girl can eat! Her height is in the 18th percentile which means...you guessed it....18% of babies her age are the same height as her. She said that she is on track to be about 5'1". Not sure how accurate that measurement is, but it sure does sound good! She may outgrow her mommy :) During the appointment, Joey was delightful as usual, laughing and checking herself out in the mirror. We love our Pediatrician, so if you are in the McKinney area and needing one, feel free to ask who ours is! Joey is growing up so fast, and Johnny and I love her more and more each day! When people tell you that once you have a baby you can't imagine your life without that baby, they weren't kidding! I loved the time Johnny and I had as a couple, and look forward to that time when our kiddos are grown up and out of the house, but I am loving this time as new parents! Johnny is such an amazing dad, and we try to attack parenthood with teamwork! I am so excited to see how Joey grows, and am anxious to learn from her daily! She is a great teacher in the areas of patience, peace, joy, humor, and more! Have I mentioned I love my daughter?? We I do! On that NOTE......here is a pic of Joey and I playing Rock Band....she loves it!

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