Thursday, July 30, 2009

iPhones :)

So since my last post welcoming baby Hannah into the world, we have gotten iPhones :) This lovely device has helped us to be hyper productive for the past week! I can check email, update facebook, check to see if a shelf is level or not, do flashcards with Joey and more! It also takes pictures :) Here are a few

This is Joey on my mom's lawn..she takes really good pictures in the sun!

Here Joey was forced to choose between her cheerios and my iced tea :) The iced tea won!

Recently Joey got some new toys from some friends at the gym. Here she is playing with her new golf clubs! LPGA, here we come :)

This Summer, Joey has gotten to spend a lot of time with her cousins Mily and Dakotah. Here we she is at the park, and Mily is helping her with her water.....Mily insists that Joey needs help drinking even though she's been able to do this for a while :)

This picture was not taken with the iPhone, but with my mom's camera! I just love how blue Joey's eyes look :)

As far as what Joey's up to these days...she has a whole lot of fun tricks! She is beginning to follow directions. When we tell her to go get a diaper or her water or her baby, she totally does it! She's so smart! She also knows where her chair is and when she is hungry, she will walk to it and whine :) She knows that no means no and pushes the boundries even though she knows that no means no! She can climb all our stairs and can now come down them too! She is saying tons of words and is pretty much just getting cuter every day! I guess that's it for now!

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Christie said...

Yea for iPhones!! =) I love the pictures of Joey, she is just soo cute!!